In the finale of Season 25 of the Amazing Race finale the teams began their final leg of the race by flying from Manila to Los Angeles.  While in the airport Sweet Scientists Amy & Maya, who were not eliminated although the came in last place during the previous leg, ran into the other racers. Brooke was angry that the scientists were still in the race.

“It’s kind of a frustrating thing that they weren’t eliminated,” she said. She added that it was “disgusting”. Jim added that they were low hanging fruit, so they probably would be eliminated midway through the leg, and they probably wouldn’t win the entire race.

The teams had to take Ford Explorers from the airport to their next destination. Once they all found their Ford Explorers in the airport parking lot, they got a verbal clue from the system in the SUV. The clue told them to head to City Hall to find the Film USA clerk who would give them a permit for their next location.

The Amazing Race Cast

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Jim & Misti were comfortable with driving in LA until they realized that no one was following them, because they were heading in the wrong direction. Ironically, bad luck also hit their teammate haters, Brooke & Robbie, because they got lost, too.

Before they received their next clue from the film clerk, the teams had to hand over manila envelopes that Phil gave them. Amy & Maya and Bethany & Adam got to the film clerk’s office first. When they opened their clue it told them to go to the Southwest Marine Warehouse.

The teams then had to do a Roadblock called Action Hero. One member from each team had to jump out of a three-story plate glass window. Maya completed the roadblock for her team. It took her a few false starts to get the nerve to jump out of the window, though. Adam jumped out of the window without any hesitation. He had the action hero scene completed in one take.

Brooke & Robbie were in dead last place since they had gotten completely lost trying to find the film clerk’s office. By the time they got to the Southwest Marine Warehouse for the Action Hero Roadblock, it was too late. Phil appeared and told them that they had been eliminated, because the last action hero had already jumped. Brooke & Robbie said their goodbyes and claimed that they will always be remembered. That might or might not be true, but the haters (also known as the pro wrestlers) were eliminated midway through the Amazing Race finale.

As for the other teams, their clues were inside satchels that they had to hold as they jumped during the action hero scene. The clue told them to go to a coast guard pier, get on a response ship and complete a search and rescue exercise. This made Adam & Bethany happy, because they are pros at swimming in the ocean.

Each team had to rescue a dummy from the ocean while wearing typical gear that the professional rescuers wear. Adam & Bethany were accustomed to wearing the heavy equipment and swimming in the ocean.  “It’s like we are back in our element,” Bethany said.

When Adam & Bethany were leaving the pier, Amy & Maya, the Food Scientists were going. Jim & Misti got there third and Jim admitted that he could swim just well enough to keep himself from drowning. “I swim to survive,” he said.

After they all completed the search and rescue, their next clue told them to travel by taxi to Conglobal Industries. Conglobal Industries was full of train shipping containers. Each container had the name of a place that they visited printed on it. So, one person from each team had to find the numbers on the shipping containers and put the cities in order, according to the order it was visited. Then they had to remember the corresponding numbers in order. This means that they had to remember the numbers of nine cities in order without writing them down. Finding the correct shipping containers were a challenge since Conglobal Industries is massive. The team members who completed this last challenge could not have completed the action hero challenge. So Bethany, Amy, and Misti completed this challenge.

Bethany started singing the numbers to help her remember them, because as she put it, she’s “not the one with the good memory. Adam is the memory guy.”

Smart Food Scientist Amy got the order right on the first try. She got her clue from the judge at Conglobal Industries and headed off to the Pit Stop at Point Vincent Lighthouse. Meanwhile, Misti didn’t get her number order right on the first try, neither did Bethany. It took Misti a second try and Bethany a third to get the order right.

Now, Food Scientists Amy & Maya were first and it seemed as though Jim & Misti were close behind, in second place. It was hard to tell if they were really close or not. The previous teams waited for the winners at Point Vincent, and both taxis were seen driving down the road. Misti hoped that the Candy Girls had gotten lost, so her team could pull ahead.

When the reveal occurred, it was Amy & Maya who ran towards Phil and the other teams. Maya was so happy that she could hardly contain herself. Amy & Maya won Season 25 of the Amazing Race. The Sweet Scientists were the third all-woman team to win the Amazing Race. They did a victory lap and the other teams hugged them. Misti & Jim were in second place in the race and Adam & Bethany came in third.