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7 Safest Countries for Solo Travelers

Posted on Dec 25,14

Safety is one of the major concerns that people have when they travel. Being a victim of a crime can ruin any trip, and you’ll surely feel more comfortable and be more willing to explore new places when you...

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The Amazing Race 25 All or Nothing Finale Winners

Posted on Dec 21,14

In the finale of Season 25 of the Amazing Race finale the teams began their final leg of the race by flying from Manila to Los Angeles.  While in the airport Sweet Scientists Amy & Maya, who were not...

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Top 5 Places to See the Northern Lights

Posted on Dec 19,14

It’s impossible to predict exactly where the Northern Lights will...

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The Amazing Race 25: Hooping it Up in Manila

Posted on Dec 15,14

The Hooping it Up in Manila episode of the Amazing Race Season 25,  had a...

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Traveling to BrightOcular Doctors for Eye-Color Change Surgery

Posted on Dec 12,14

If you want to change your eye color, like  R&B singer Tiny Harris did,...

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Stylish Clothes on the Go: The Tamar Braxton Collection

Posted on Dec 10,14

Tamar Braxton introduced her clothing line, the Tamar Collection, to her...

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Uber Driver Accused of Rape: Full Statement from Uber

Posted on Dec 8,14

A 26-year-old woman from India reported that she was raped by an Uber driver....

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