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Adrienne Gang: Behind the Scenes Below Deck

Posted on Oct 25,14

Adrienne Gang recently wrote a blog post that revealed some of the drama between herself and Kat Held in Monsters and Critics, but more importantly, the blog post gave some insight into the lives of the...

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Where Was That Place on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S1, Ep6?

Posted on Oct 23,14

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood took viewers to a restaurant in Malibu, a pub in L.A., two clubs, an stage, and shoe shopping in Hollywood. By the end of the episode someone got fired. Yes. Morgan might have messed...

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Places from the Amazing Race 25 Ep 4

Posted on Oct 20,14

The Amazing Race Season 25, Episode 4 began with the teams on a sand bar in...

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Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip Premiered (Video)

Posted on Oct 17,14

Tiny Harris and Shekinah Jo have embarked on a road trip through America in...

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood S1, Ep 5 Filming Locations

Posted on Oct 16,14

Episode 5 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood put the spotlight on another spa, a...

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Here’s the Action from the Amazing Race 25 Episode 3 in Scotland

Posted on Oct 13,14

Season 25 Episode 3 of the Amazing Race was fast-paced and thrilling. The...

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Divas Vacation in Puerto Rico

Posted on Oct 9,14

Puerto Rico has been a hot spot for some of reality TV show favorites. The...

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