The reality TV show, Love and Hop Hop Hollywood had tons of drama as usual, but one of the highlights for me in this season  was to see the cast in London. There’s so much beauty in London. I have a special love for castles, kings, and queens, so I love to visit anything that has to do with royalty. There’s so much to see! As you plan your trip, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the attractions, so here are some of the best things to do in London.

The Tower Bridge of London

Things to do in London: Tower Bridge in London
Tower of London by David Stanley

The Tower Bridge is one of London’s most visited attractions. Go inside this iconic bridge for a glorious view of the city. Peruse the bridge don’t forget to bring your camera for amazing photographs of the view.

Tower of London

My visit to the Tower of London was one that I’d never forget. The buildings are immense, but it was the demonstrations around the castle that I remember most. We saw very entertainers, like jugglers and there were plenty of actors and actresses demonstrating various famous moments in time.

Crown Jewels

Best Things to Do in London:  This is a replica of Queen Victoria’s crown

Visiting the crown jewels in the Tower of London was a highlight of my trip to London. It’s one of the best things to do in London.  Now,  I don’t know if the jewels on display were real or not. Some of the other tourists were muttering that the jewels were fake. Since I was there to see the jewels as a member of the press, I was given a behind the scenes view of some of the clothing being repaired. I have to admit that it seemed as though one of the dresses that we saw in the Tower of London was a replica, because I saw the same dress in another room that they had set-up to repair the precious items.

Big Ben

Big Ben: Best Things to do in London
Big Ben photo by Taz Wake

Big Ben is more than a clock. It is a mechanical wonder. You can’t visit England without touring Big Ben.

The London Eye

It’s been such a long time  since I’ve visited London that the London Eye was not even built yet. It opened in 1999, but when I get to London again, I’m definitely going to ride on the London Eye. Riding as a VIP would be an amazing experience.

Hampton Court Palace

My visit to Hampton Court Palace is more than a visit it was an actually stay. I stayed overnight in the castle, and it was an experience that I would never forget. From dramatic storytellers, I learned about history of some of the notorious residents of the palace. I ate scrumptious food, which I believe was cooked using traditional methods. Always will I remember the huge open fireplace in the dining area.

Highclere Castle

Best Things to do in London Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle has become even more popular since it’s been featured on the show, Downtown Abbey. It’s a picturesque castle that you’d love! Overnight stays are also available.

Buckingham Palace

Best things to do in London Buckingham Palace

A tour of Buckingham Palace is definitely a must, and it could possibly be the highlight of your trip. Plan to see the staterooms and the unforgettable grand staircase.

Hyde Park

Best Things to do in London: Hyde Park

If you are looking for some of the best things to do in London that are free, you should consider going to a park and the popular Hyde Park is a great choice.


Stonehenge is a miraculous mystery that is a must-see while in the country. You will have to travel a bit outside of England to Wiltshire to get there, but it’s definitely work it.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

St. James Park

St. James Park is yet another lovely option for something free to do in the London area. It’s less than 2 miles away from London.