On the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, episode (appropriate named Free at Last) that aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on May 30, 3016 on VH1, Jessica Dime went to meet Scrappy for their date, and the meeting place turned out to be the Cascade Skating Rink. Scrappy was not there, but Yung Joc was. Jessica didn’t want to proceed with a date with Yung Joc, although Yung Joc was ready. Scrappy had some excuse about not being able to meet her. So, the date was a no-go.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Jessica Dime, photo courtesy of VH1.

Jessica Dime on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta photo courtesy of VH1.


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In the next scene, because Stevie J. had decided to go into the hookah bar business, he was looking for staff and set himself up at Empire Lounge to hold interviews. Tommie went to the location to meet with him, because she wanted to make some of that bread. Of course she had to turn all the way around and show off her assets, because that was what it’s about when working with Stevie J. Stevie said that he was seriously thinking about the collaboration (to mess with Joseline’s head).

In the next scene, Karlie and Scrapp were on the road. It turns out that they had a rendezvous in a hotel room for three days. Scrapp was happy with Karlie, and Karlie was happy that Scrapp was showering her with flowers and attention. Then Scrapp dropped the bomb on Karlie. He told her that he had to go away to jail for five years. Karlie started to cry, because she felt that she had finally met someone that she liked, and the next thing she knew, he was going away… to prison.

At Café Bombay, Dawn told Joseline that she read in the blogs that Joseline had bleached Stevie’s clothes, but Joseline said that wasn’t true, and she was angry that her husband was going around bashing her name. Joseline was pleased a punch, because she found her contract in a briefcase in the house, and she found out that the contract had expired. Stevie would never let her see the contract, but kept holding it over her head, telling her that she had to keep paying him a cut from her work. Joseline was thrilled, because she was now able to manage herself. She had plans for him, and Stevie definitely wasn’t going to like what she had in store.

Famous Pub featured a scene with Ernest and Shirleen, Rasheeda’s mom.  Ernest told Shirleen that Mamma Dee was not only bipolar, but was also drinking alcohol on top of that. Ernest said that when he met Momma Dee, she was a nurse and was independent, but Momma Dee was in a car accident and was hurt badly. She was in a lot of pain. He then needed her in his business, so he pulled her into the street. Shirleen suggest that they get counseling, and Ernest said that he had planned to set up a meeting with Pastor Couch.

In another part of Atlanta, Tommie found something in Scrapp’s car when he loaned it to her. “What I found out today is that Scrapp is a no good, lying f*** boy,” she said,angrily. So, Tommie pulled up at Scrapp’s place and confronted him with the receipt from the hotel from the hook-up between Karlie and Scrapp. Tommie literally jumped on Scrapp, ready to knock him out.

Scrapp took Karlie Redd out at the Bangkok Station in Buckhead. He wanted to question Karlie about whether or not she left the receipt in his car on purpose. He told her about how Tommie showed up at his place, but Karlie wanted to know why Tommie would be angry if they were not seeing each other, as Scrapp had told Karlie. Of course Karlie didn’t want to be involved in a love triangle. He said that he wasn’t going to get her crossed up, and she went for it as they went to sit down and eat.

At Sage Woodfire Tavern in Alpharetta, Mimi went to meet Joseline to tell her that Stevie J. wanted to stay at her place. But Joseline dropped the bomb that Stevie had not one, but two babies while they were together, and one of the women had Stevie J. “on child support.”

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Joseline started crying. She heard from some of her stripper friends that he had not one but two girls pregnant. There had been some rumors about that in the past. Joseline was crying mostly, because the money Stevie was making was going out for child support. To make matters worse, Joseline met the girl with the baby and she believed that she really did have Stevie’s baby.

So, it dawned on Mimi why Stevie asked her to stay at his house. Mimi was glad that she spoke with Joseline about that matter first.

To wrap things up, Karlie Redd was at the radio station doing her Playboy radio show when Tommie showed up. “I tried to tell you what was going on, but you didn’t want to hear it,” Karlie Redd said. She was on full attack mode when she told Tommie that Scrapp doesn’t claim her. Tommie came at Karlie about how she was going to work with Stevie J. and Karlie wasn’t able to do that, but Karlie wasn’t fazed by that news. Why did Tommie try to come across the table and snatch Karlie?

News Update Joseline and Stevie: The Truth


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Travel Destination Focus: Bangkok Station


Scrapp took Karlie Redd out to eat at the Bangkok Station in this episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and this restaurant is the travel destination focus for this week.

Serving up authentic Thai cuisine in the Buckhead area in Atlanta, the Bangkok Station is a family-owned restaurant (owned by brothers Nithidol and Ratinthon Nithithanawut). The restaurant opened in 2015 and has received excellent reviews from its patrons who praise the service, visually appealing foods, and the curry.


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