Forty of the best home cooks in America began their first rounds to battle it out for $250,000, their own cookbook and the Master Chef title.


They would have to first prove themselves to Gordan Ramsay, owner of multiple Michelin star food empire and Christina Tosia, an internationally renowned pastry chef. Guests judges will appear throughout the season. World-famous chef Wolfgang Puck is among them.

Ms. San Diego 2015, a frat guy, firefighters, and teacher were just a few of the people who came to become the next Master Chef. Brandi Mudd, 27, from Irving, Kentucky  and Samson Kohansk from Los Angeles, California were the first to compete. Samson is a mixologist who was raised as an orthodox Jew. He is no longer kosher, but his family is. His family is still kosher, but he is not.

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There was space for only 20 chefs. Brandi made a cast iron seared skillet. They had 30 minutes to prepare their meals, steaks.

Samson also had a pan seared steak with chocolate in the sauce. His steak was accompanied by parsnip puree. Although Samson’s steak was beautiful, Brandi’s steak had a great flavor. Brandi won the first battle.

Andrea Galan, 20, a college student from Miami competed against Taylor Waltmon, 28 from Austin, Texas. They had a cupcake battle. Taylor’s cupcakes were falling a little, and she was extremely tense. When it was all over, Her cupcakes had signs of uneven mixing and she had too much frosting on her cupcake. Andrea won.

Taylor’s Cupcake

Andrea’s Masterchef Cupcake


Next, came the battle of the firefighters. Joe Russo, a 36-year-old fire fighter from Brooklyn competed against Eric Howard, a 26- year old firefighter from Queens, NY, Freddy Coleman a 47-year old firefighter from Milwaukee, and Manny Washington a 29-year-old firefighter from Orlando, Florida. Two of them were going to walk away with the white apron.

Freddy’s Chicken Curry

Eric’s Master Chef Apron Winning Spring Rolls

Eric and Manny earned white aprons.

David Williams, 35, a professional poker player was up next. Joe Pickens, a 32 year-old marketing director competed against him. He said that no other contestant has a better palate than him. They competed with their porkchops. David said that he had made $9 million in his lifetime. Gordon Ramsay put their apron in the center of them, and told the winner to grab it. David, however was the victor.


  • Brandi Mudd
  • Andrea Galan
  • Eric Howard
  • Manny Washington
  • David Williams
  • Terry Mueller
  • Barbara Savage
  • Lisa-Ann Marchesi
  • Nathan Barnhouse