At the Argyle nightclub  in Beverly Hills, Nikki Mudarris invited Teairra Mari and Nia Riley to come to the club where she was appearing. Nikki wanted her friends to meet Rosa Acosta in the episode that aired at 8 p.m  Monday, September 19.

Safaree Samuels popped over while Nikki was kissing Rosa in the back. Safaree was upset, because he was led to believe that Nikki wasn’t seeing anyone when she had been dating Rosa at the same time.

Meanwhile, Shanda Taylor and Willie Taylor had a talk at their house about the repercussions of Willie’s infidelity. It turns out that Willie did have a fling during the time that he was with Shanda, so Shanda said that she wanted some time away from her husband to think about their relationship and/or focus on herself.

At Half Baked, Princess went to sample cakes for her wedding. She met with Diann Valentine, her wedding planner. She asked Princess if her parents would be involved. When Princess indicated that she had been estranged from her father,  Diann suggested that Princess talk to her father if there were any problems between them. Princess started crying, because she did have a problem with her father. Apparently, she had abandonment issues.

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Next, at Sphere Studios, Masika Kalysha and Max Lux jammed in the studio. Masika wanted Max to help her with some new music. Of course, Max’s wife Brandi Boyd showed up. She wanted to repair her marriage to Max, but she saw Masika in the studio, she was highly annoyed.  Brandi didn’t like that Masika did something shady to her friend. Apparently, Brandi was under the impression that Masika was with her best friend’s husband. Masika said that simply wasn’t true. She claimed that she didn’t work with Brandi’s friend’s husband (a producer) because he wanted Masika to give him the goods first.

Brandi was still livid and ended the recording session by arguing with Masika. Masika left, and Brandi tried to make things better by showing Max that she had $15,000 of the money that she took from their son’s saving. Max was not impressed and walked out on her.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Travel Destination Focus: Half Baked Bakery

Princess Love and her wedding planner turned to Half Baked to search for the perfect wedding sweets for Princess’ and Ray J’s Love & Hip Hop wedding. Half Baked features sweets with half of the fat and sugar as traditional sweets.

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