In the All Stars episode of The Amazing Race that aired on March 16, the racers had to choose between two roadblocks. One of the detours in episode 4 had the racers acting as DJs at a hot bar, called the SkyBar on level 33 of the Traders Hotel, located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The SkyBar looked as though it was really a happening place with a mass of beautiful people partying in a beautiful place.  Then there’s a view of the Twin Towers that guests can see from the hotel. With a skyline like this, the Traders Hotel wasn’t too hard to find, because it is near the Twin Towers.

Traders Hotel Amazing Race

Kuala Lumpur where the Amazing Race took place in 2014/Photo Courtesy of the Traders Hotel


The competitors of The Amazing Race in Malaysia all went to the SkyBar at the Traders Hotel where they worked intensely during the race to move on from these challenging roadblocks, but guests who stay at the Traders Hotel can really appreciate this hotel. The photo below depicts the SkyBar where everyone, the Globetrotters, Jet and Cord, the Afghanimals, Margie and Luke, Caroline and Jennifer, Brendon and Rachel, and Jessica and John worked on the two detours for The Amazing Race in Malaysia.


Photo courtesy of SkyBar/Traders Hotel where the Amazing Race contestants had a Detour.

Photo courtesy of SkyBar/Traders Hotel where the Amazing Race contestants had detours.

Had The Amazing Race competitors been able to take a substantial break in this hotel, they probably would have taken advantage of this comfortable-looking lounge area. Guests who book at the Traders Hotel can choose between gazing out of the window at the scenery below or at the pool.

Traders Hotel houses the SkyBar.

Traders Hotel houses the SkyBar.


This suite with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers is one-bedroom suite with a separate sitting area. As you can see in the picture, the suite has a work area, flat screen TV and large windows. The Twin Towers with a view suite includes access to the Traders Club Lounge, which offers cocktails in the evening, afternoon tea and free breakfast for guests. There are also free drinks during the daytime hours for guests who have access to the lounge. There are other services, including suit pressing and shoe shining available. The Traders Club page lists all of the amenities. The Twin Towers View Room had a rate of about $244 a night for March 22, 2014.

The Amazing Race The Traders Hotel

Photo courtesy of the Traders Hotel


The competitors for The Amazing Race in Malaysia probably wish that they could have paused during the competition to relax in the spa at the Traders Hotel. This rooftop spa, located on the 34th floor of the hotel, provides facials, body treatments (yes there are massages) and little extras like eye brightening, eyebrow tweezing and scalp massages.  A basic refreshing 45-minute facial is about $67.  A 60-minute massage is about $85.

Traders Hotel Spa

The Traders Hotel Spa Photo Courtesy of the Traders Hotel


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