The Bachelor, Chris Soules and his bachelorettes spent time in together in the state of Iowa and in the hometowns of the women. Chris asked Jade to accompany him to Arlington, Iowa and the other women were jealous. Later, Britt ran afoul of Carly.

Jade and Chris made a visit to the local high school. Chris proudly showed off his school and the two shared a kiss in his old English class. They sat in during a football game (the main source of entertainment) at the school.

There wasn’t much to Arlington. The place scared Jade a little. Chris admitted in his blog that Arlington had changed. Jobs moved out of the tiny farming town, so now the town is even emptier than it was several years ago.

Meanwhile, Chris took Whitney to Des Moines, Iowa where they took photos to document their relationship on the Bachelor. Chris said that he felt that Whitney’s feelings were genuine, and Whitney revealed that it felt right to be with Chris. The couple met some of Chris’ friends at a local bar and Whitney made a big impression on them.  They loved her, and that made Chris like her even more. At the end of the evening, Chris took Whitney to a spot to see a copy of one of the photos that they took painted on a wall. This stunned Whitney, of course. What girl wouldn’t want a mural of herself with a hot guy in a romantic embrace?

There was a lot of drama between Britt and Carly. Chris ended up distrusting Britt, and she left the show, crying. Read Chris Soule’s blog from episode 7 of the Bachelor to find out what happened.


Here’s a rundown of the hometown visits.

The Bachelor Chris Soules and Whitney

Chris Soules and Whitney, Photo courtesy of ABC


For the hometown visited Whitney hosted Chris in Chicago. She showed him around a fertility clinic.


Chris Raps With Kaitlyn

Chris and Kaitlyn

Chris and Kaitlyn, Photo courtesy of ABC

Chris met up with Kaitlyn in Phoenix, Arizona. They created a rap in a local recording studio before he met her family.


Becca’s Family Almost Tells Her Secret


Chris Soules and Becca, Photo courtesy of ABC

Chris and Becca met up in Shreveport, Louisana. Her entire family hinted at the fact that Becca was a virgin. Her own mother said that she had never been affectionate with any men that she knew of.

Finally, Chris hung out with Jade in Nebraska. Jade was paranoid that her family would tell Chris that she had posed in Playboy Magazine.Jade’s brother hinted at Jade’s wild days, calling her a wild mustang, but it was up to Jade to tell Chris the truth. She revealed her past to him, and although Chris said he wouldn’t judge her, she was eliminated. Here’s a video of Chris breaking the news that Jade was going to be eliminated.


Next stop, Bali.