Where should you take her to dine for the most romantic restaurant and dining experience? Take her to a restaurant with a beautiful view. If you live near a big city, you may want to take her to a restaurant with a view of the city, or even better, a view of a body of water. ┬áRestaurants with blooming flowers or romantic courtyards are also a good choice. Try not to follow the crowd. Think about dining options that are truly unique. Is there a restaurant in your local aquarium? You’ll be treated with a serene dinner with a view of underwater life. Is there a restaurant in your area with a fabulous deck with a gorgeous view? Check the weather report before you book.

Choosing the most romantic restaurant with the right ambiance is essential, but your special day could turn sour if the food is bad, so read restaurant reviews and examine the menu to make sure that the restaurant serves cuisine that you both will enjoy.

Size matters sometimes when selecting the most romantic restaurant. Although smaller restaurants are considered cozy, the restaurant might be quite crowded and the wait could be long on Valentine’s Day. Larger restaurants could be noisy (with an even longer wait). Efficient restaurants that offer reservations are your best bet for holidays, but you can have more leeway if you choose to celebrate on non-holidays. If reservations are available, you will need to reserve weeks ahead for Valentine’s Day at some restaurants. Do not procrastinate when reserving the most romantic restaurant for that special person in your life. That person will truly appreciate your preparations and thoughtful selection.

The Sea Restaurant, Photo Courtesy of Anantara Kihavah Village in the Maldives