Feb 10 2015

This quote, victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan, stated by John F. Kennedy tells us that when you win, everyone wants to be your friend. When you are defeated no one wants to be around. Never give up. You might start out with a lot of people by your side, but things happen, and they might fall away.

Don’t give up. Your true friends will be around when you win, and they’ll still be there when you lose. In any case, have the strength to carry yourself your successes and your defeats. You might be defeated a thousand times before you have a success. You might have supporters when you are successful, but you might also stand alone when you are defeated. Never be ashamed of losing or of having an unpopular idea.

How Quote Relates to Travel

Plan that trip around the world. Apply for that overseas job.  Don’t give up on landing that job on a cruise trip, travel agent, flight attendant, or travel photographer. Just remember that if you fail in your endeavors, it is up to you to try again.