Nick Viall is looking for love again, this time as The Bachelor.  He hoped that the women who met him, will toss aside any negative preconceived notions and meet him with open minds. There’s one thing that Nick Viall has, and that’s an interesting bachelor franchise backstory. So, to fully understand where Nick came from on before he became The Bachelor here’s his back story and why you must watch this season of The BachelorIt premieres on Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m. EST, on the ABC Television Network.

Nick on the Bachelorette, Season 10

Nick was a top contender on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. They had time together in the Fantasy Suite, and he was ready to take things further, yet she turned him down and chose Josh Murray instead (things didn’t work out with them, either, and Nick and Josh met up later on a Bachelor show spin-off).

When Season 10 of The Bachelorette wrapped up, Nick put Andi all the way out on front street when he revealed to the world on the After the Rose TV show that they’d had a sexual encounter in the Fantasy Suite. Of course Andi, a former Assistant District Attorney, was appalled that Nick let the cat out of the bag, but Nick had a point when he indicated that he was hurt because she made love to him, yet didn’t choose him. How many women have felt the same way as Nick?


Nick and Kaitlyn on the Bachelorette, Season 11

Fast forward to Season 11 of The Bachelorette, and we’ll find the lovely Kaitlyn Bristowe looking for love. She’d chatted with Nick in the past, so when she became The Bachelorette, he finagled his way on the show (by simply asking her if he could join in the fun). Kaitlyn was willing and there began a hot love affair. No one could deny that they had chemistry. It seems that they were kissing whenever they had the chance, and it appeared that Nick was going to come out as the winning guy.

He made his customary visit with jeweler Neil Lane, chose a ring, and set out to propose to Kaitlyn. But in a shocking moment, his hopes were dashed when Kaitlyn turned him down and accepted Shawn Booth’s proposal. Shawn had been the front-runner on the show, but it appeared that Nick had a real chance to sway her.  So, Nick was the runner-up for a second time.


Nick Didn’t Find Love on the Bachelor in Paradise

Nick ended up on Season 3 of The Bachelor in Paradise, although he wasn’t on favorite person’s list of many viewers, he was still determined to find love. Things seemed to be looking very promising between Nick and Amanda Stanton. He really liked her, and she seemed to like him, too. He thought that they might have something, until Josh (who by this time was no longer in a relationship with Andi) arrived on the show. He literally, attracted her so much, that she left Nick in the dust. Again, Josh was the “winner” and Nick was alone.

While on the show, Andi Dorfman’s book It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After was a topic of interest because Andi seemingly spilled the beans about both Nick and Josh’s relationships with her. Some of the information temporarily made Josh’s love interest, Amanda pause (but she was so into Josh that what Andi’s book said about him didn’t even matter). Apparently, Josh looked worse than Nick in the book, but Nick wasn’t Mr. Perfect either.

But not for too long. When Jen Saviano ended up as one of the new weekly arrivals on The Bachelor in Paradise, Nick and her coupled up. By the end of the season, Nick had chosen yet another engagement ring from Neil Lane. This time, it was Nick who backed out, and Jen who was brokenhearted. Although he liked her a lot, he couldn’t take the final step of proposing to her. There hadn’t been enough time to get to know her.

So, that’s the story of how Nick Viall hadn’t found love two Bachelor spin-off shows and continues to look for his future wife on the 2017 season of The Bachelor.

  1. Sexy Fan Dance
Christen Dances for Nick Viall on the Bachelor


Just a little dance.

2. A TMI Moment


Some things that we hear should not be repeated!

3. Trust


It was a good thing that Nick was a good catcher for Ida Marie.

4. On the Mark, Get Set, Go!

ABC/Rick Rowell SARAH

Sarah is running already?

5. Now, Do It With Me!


It’s an unwritten rule that The Bachelor must always play along, and Nick didn’t seem to mind.

6. Yes. It’s Really A Camel!

ABC/Rick Rowell LACEY

You’ve got to see and hear this one. Is it funny? Is it cute, or embarrassing? You decide.

7. She’s Supposed to be  Dolphin


I think it’s a shark costume, but oooookaaaay, if she believes it’s Flipper.