Natural hot springs have soothed tired, aching muscles for centuries. Some people swear that springs can improve your skin and clear up certain health issues. If nothing else, the hot springs below are in beautiful settings and will give you an experience that you’ll never forget.


1. Tsurunoyo Hot Spring, Japan

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Tsurunoyu hot spring in  the winter by Slackrhackr, CC

Osen is the Japanese word for hot spring, and the Tsurunoyu hot spring is one of the best, based on its water quality. This Osen is often crowded, so make sure that you make reservations or arrangements for accommodations several months before you plan to go there. Visa cards are the only accepted form of payment. The spring is particularly beautiful and inviting in the winter, but if you plan to reserve a room there, you’ll have to pay extra to keep your room heated.


2. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Hot Spring in Grindavik, Iceland was formed in 1976. Those who visited the springs in the years following its opening noticed that their skin conditions improved. The Blue Lagoon has a psoriasis clinic on its grounds. The improvements to the skin have been attributed to the water and mud from the lagoon. Steam baths and saunas are also available at the Blue Lagoon, and guests can get massages right in the geothermal water. To get here, take a flight to the  Keflavik International Airport and drive about 20 minutes to the Blue Lagoon. Stay in the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel to be conveniently located near the springs.


3. Banff Upper Hot Springs, Canada


The use of the Banff Upper Hot Springs date back to before the 1880s when the springs were considered a sacred place. Located about 2 miles from the town of Banff, there are several lodges that have packages that include entry to the hot springs.  Banff Aspen Lodge, Brewster’s Mountain Lodge, Charleston Cedar Court, Delta Banff Royal Canadian Lodge and Banff Adventures. Calgary Airport is the nearest airport to Banff. It’s about 12. 5 miles away. American Airlines, Air Canada, Westjet, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, and Northwest Airlines all have flights to Banff.


4. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado includes two pools. The smaller pool is hotter and is perfect for relaxing. The larger pool is suitable for swimming laps, if you like. The larger pool is 405 feet long. Guests to the springs can stay right on the property. The Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge is 107 rooms and provides guests with access to restaurant. There’s also an athletic club in the vicinity


 5. Kusatsu, Japan

The Kusatsu Hot Spring is one of the largest in Japan, and it’s about 124 miles away from Tokyo. Kusatsu itself is a small picturesque town. According to the hot springs site, Kusatsu’s spring is highly acidic and a large number of bacteria and micro-organisms cannot survive in it. Kusatsu has ritualistic bathing styles that include praying at an idol, watching staff cool the water down, and bathing in pools of springs of different temperatures. You can stay in Manners, a nearby inn which is accustomed to hosting tourists. You can also read about Japanese hot spring etiquette on the site.

6. Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey Photo by Esther Lee, CC

Pamukkale, Turkey Photo by Esther Lee, CC

These ancient springs date back to ancient Rome. To get to the hot springs in called Pamukkale  in Turkey take a flight to the Cardak airport in the town of Denizili, officially called the Denizili Cardak Airport and then take ground transportation to Pamukkale. Shuttles leave three times a day. The Venus hotel is the #1 hotel in the Hierapolis area, according to TripAdvisor users. It’s a clean hotel with a restaurant and bar, and with helpful staff who can speak English; it gets a thumbs up from guests. You’ll have to walk barefoot in the bathing area. There is a fee to enter the springs, and you’ll have to climb around up there, so it’s best to go when the weather is warmer (though the area will be a lot more crowded).


7. Beppu, Japan Hot Springs

Beppu is a resort town in Japan, with about 8 different hot springs. The hot springs are warm, healing, and inviting, but for beauty treatments, you could have the experience of relaxing in mud, steam, or buried in the sand, because these are all different baths that are available in Beppu. The Tanayu Hot Spring is one of the more popular facilities, and there are from basic to luxurious accommodations to stay the night at Beppu Kyushu Suginoi Hotel. Bathing suits can be worn at Tanayu.


8. Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas

If you are in the United States, the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is yet another option for natural hot springs. You can see amazing hot springs in nature, like the one pictured above, or you can visit Buckstaff Bathhouse.

The Buckstaff Bathhouse has private tubs for individual use that are bathing suit optional.  A whirlpool mineral bath is $33 (January 1, 2015) and a package that includes a thermal mineral bath, a whirlpool bath, and a Swedish massage is $71, according to Buckstaff. Arkansas vacation rentals are available for visitors, and the Gables Inn, 1890 Williams Inn are just a couple of the B&Bs in Hot Springs. You’ll find others on B&B Online.