Thanks to a little shameless plugging on the Braxton Family Values episode that aired on March 14, we were able to catch the ladies in  Ravello, Italy during their sister trip. Now, as we all probably know, trips are typically reserved for the middle or the end of the season in most reality TV shows that do not have a travel focus.

Most reality TV shows feature or include the hotel or resort where the celebrities stayed during the show. Well, the Braxton Family Values premiere episode for Season 3 didn’t treat viewers to a scenes of a resort, fit for any bucket list, but viewers did see some cute cafes and grape-stomping  in Ravello. The Braxtons visited the Albergo Santa Rosa Monastero restaurant. Toni Braxton explained that the restaurant was a monastery.  In addition to its great food, the restaurant is famous for its views of Southern Italy.

Quick fact: If you river dance while eating a meal on a patio in Italy, annoying bees will fly away, or at least your friends and family members will have a good laugh during the river dancing.

All of the I Love Lucy fans out there, probably remember the too funny episode when Lucy had to stomp grapes barefooted to make wine. The Braxton sisters recreated the scene (unintentionally) when they visited the Tenuta San Francesco Cantine in Ravello. The Braxtons learned about the history of the wine, but Trina asked the question that was likely on everyone’s mind. Where was the wine?

Next, the sisters chartered a boat to the island of Capri where they rode up the coast in a convertible and dined in a cute restaurant while Trina talked about her dreams of opening a fashion boutique and Toni talked about her preparations for starring in her first TV movie, which was filmed in Canada. It looks like Vancouver, Canada will share the spotlight with the sisters in an upcoming episode.



Ravello Italy
Photo by Ninian Reid


Photo by Ninian Reid