The beautiful Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China is a must-see for people who are traveling in this region or those who plan to visit China.  Even people who do not typically like to explore caves, should experience the Reed Flute Cave. Most people are curious about the colors in the cave. These colors are artificial; they are created with colored lights. The formations, of course, are natural.  The cave is named after the reeds near it. People still make flutes from these reeds, according to Travel China Guide. Poetic inscriptions inside the walls of the cave are another draw to this historic destination. The inscriptions are said to date back to 792 AD during China’s Tang Dynasty.

Visitors follow a U-Shaped passage where they see formations. The Chinese people named the formations and each has its own story. For example tourists can learn about Flower and Fruit Mountain and Crystal Palace and decide for themselves if the names suit the formations that they see. The cave is also called the Art Palace of Nature.

Reed Flute Cave
Photo by Tuchodi on Flickr



Reed Flute Cave
Photo by Richard Summers


Reed Flute Cave
Photo by Ben Burkland/Carolyn Cook


Reed Flute Cave
Photo by Bernt Rostad


Thumbnail photo by Kenneth Lu

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