Beautiful isn’t it? The only catch is that at this point, potential guests better contact the hotel directly if they want to book a stay. According to the property’s website, the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort in Curacao sits in 27 acres of property and pristine beach and it is about 35 miles away from both Aruba and Venezuela. It’s named after the Santa Barbara Plantation, where it’s located. Amenities include a huge spa, fitness center, three pools, tennis courts, and fresh seafood on the restaurant’s menu. What more is there to love? Well, before you get all excited about booking a trip to this resort, you need to know about some related drama associated with it.

The Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort has recently been the focal point of some changes. This sprawling resort was previously called the Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort, Spa and Marina. It was once managed by Hyatt, and it’s now under new management. The new management took over the hotel at midnight last month, while the guests were asleep. The resort’s owner  stated in a press release that Hyatt didn’t live up to its agreement, so Hyatt was ousted in the middle of the night. The owner blamed Hyatt for $12 million in loss revenue in 2011 and a lower than expected occupancy rate.

Other than that bit, the resort has had some impressive reviews from Orbitz readers who commented on the resort’s food and family friendly atmosphere. Travel writer Fox Mahmud prepared to give the resort raving reviews after he stayed there in 2012, but once he heard that the owners kicked Hyatt to the curb, he feels that the resort won’t be the same. It takes money and bookings to run a resort. Hopefully, the owners and new management are able to keep all of the amenities intact  and keep qualities that people loved about the resort. With some luck, the improvements would be for the better, and the good workers there can keep their jobs. Those who need to go, need to go.

Will rates rise, or will the new management attempt to lower the rates and offer new deals to lure new guests? I’d bet on the higher rates, but some people are willing and able to pay the price as long as the quality is there, and the guests get more than what they expect. People will pay more for an amazing vacation.


Photo Credit: Santa Barbara NV Beach and Golf Resort/PRNewswire