Season 25 Episode 3 of the Amazing Race was fast-paced and thrilling. The racers traveled by train and to Scotland, home of the Shetland ponies. They all boarded a train to Aberdeen, Scotland. They were given the usual Ford cars to drive to a ferry which they rode to the Shetland Islands. Bethany and Adam were the winners of the last round and left first.


Happily Married Couple


Bethany and Adam had been married for about a year, and they said that they were still in their honeymoon stage. They appear to work well together, and they are cute and complement each other, so far in the race.


The Dentists


Misti and Jim are a strong team in the Amazing Race. Jim let it be known that he wasn’t exactly pleased about leaving the Pit Stop in second place, but the two were determined to finished in first place. Misti, Jim, Bethany and Adam went to the train station together. Should the young couple trust the dentists in the future? The dentists are very ambitions, so we’ll just have to see.

All of the Amazing Race teams made it to the Shetland Islands in Scotland, but Firefighter Scott had a mishap on the way to the train station. He tripped and badly hurt his ankle. While on the train it was several shades of purple and red. It was also painful and swollen.  Scott counted on Michael to help them beat out the other teams in this leg of the race.  He considered Michael a brother, and said that Michael had saved his life in the past. Later in the race, Scott told Michael that he couldn’t run in a foot race with his sore ankle.

The teams retrieved clues from Scalloway Castle where they all stumbled upon a scary looking Viking with a huge dog. They learned about the two Detours ahead, Pony Up and Light My Fire.


Pony Up:


Shetlands by Joanne Goldby

Shetland Ponies, Photo by Joanne Goldby

They cut 50 slabs of peat, a brown soil-like substance that used in gardens and as a fuel source. The teams had to load the peat on adorable-looking Shetland ponies and climb up a steep hill two times with the ponies.

The Teams that chose Pony Up were:

  • Jim and Misti
  • Shelley and Nici
  • Bethany and Adam
  • Amy and Maya



Light My Fire:

The Guizer Jarl and His Squad Photo by Captain Oaks Vikings were on the Amazing Race

Vikings were a big part of the Amazing Race, Season 25, Episode 3: Photo by Captain Oaks


For Light My Fire, the teams that chose this Detour made torches (not as easy as it sounds) and took their torches to a group of shouting, boisterous Vikings.

The Light My Fire Teams were:

  • Tim and Te Jay
  • Michael and Scott
  • Keith and Whitney
  • Kim and Alli
  • Brooke and Robbie


Brooke and Robbie had the most trouble with the Light My Fire detour. Robbie didn’t know what he was doing! The event consisted of rolling burlap on a pole and hammering nails in a specific pattern. For the Shetland pony detour, the teams found out quick that the ponies were not as sweet as they looked. Most of the teams struggled to get the ponies to make the two trips up the steep hill.


That’s Full of Sheep!


One by one, the teams earned their next clue. They all had to go to Berry Farm in Scalloway where they were told to herd sheep through some gates and into a small pen. The trick to this challenge was to be calm and use a soothing voice to guide the sheep into the pen. Adam and Bethany had a magic touch when it came to the sheep. The fluffy sheep walked right into the pen for them! Brooke and Robbie had trouble with the sheep. they obviously weren’t having a good day. They ran to lead the sheep into the pen, but they ended up scaring the poor sheep. Their sheep fled in every direction except inside the pen.

Michael and Scott tried the same approach, running and screaming, but Scott couldn’t run well. His ankle was still bothering him. The firefighter’s sheep were not cooperating at all. Those city boys were outdone by sheep!


Who came in first for the Amazing Race 25, Episode 3?


1. Misti and Jim  came in  first!

2. Adam and Bethany

3. Keith and Whitney

4. Shelley and Nici

5. Amy ad Maya

6. Brooke and Robbie

7. Kim and Alli

8. Tim and Te Jay

9. Michael and Scott. The firefighters were eliminated from the Amazing Race. Boo!