Themed suites can offer a unique and memorable stay at your favorite luxury hotels. The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has luxury theme suites that will are perfect for your special occasions or if you simply want beautiful surroundings to escape to after you have your fun in Vegas. From a suite that will give your friends and you a true Barbie experience to a suite that will make you feel as though you are on the Real World television show, the Palms has suites that are fit for celebrities or people who want to release their inner celeb.

1. The Two-Story Luxury Villa

Two-story sky villa suite

The two-story sky villa jacuzzi suite, photo courtesy of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

In which hotel did the Mob Wives stay in Las Vegas? Well, Mob Wives fans, do you remember the pool with the spectacular blue water that appeared to go on forever? The glass jacuzzi pool in the villa made many wonder just where was that decadent suite that housed the wives. Perhaps you remember being slightly afraid that Renee Graziano was going to push Natalie  30+ floors down from the luxury two-story suite that the Mob Wives vacationed in Las Vegas at the Palms Resort. Your crew and you could have your own fabulous getaway in Vegas and stay in the actual 9,000-square -foot suite where the Mob Wives were accommodated in season four of the reality TV show. The suite has a living room, a dining room, two master bedrooms, and two guest bedrooms. There are 3.5 bathrooms in the sky villa.


2. Real World Suite at the Palms

The Real World Suite at the Palms

The Real World Suite, photo courtesy of the Palms Casino Resort


Are you a fan of the Real World reality TV show? If you’ve seen the Real World in Las Vegas season, you might be delighted to know that you can stay also stay in the suite where the cast lived during the show. The Real World Suite at the Palms is where all of your favorite and maybe not-so-favorite Real World cast members resided. Book this suite, and you can confess your secrets in the Real World confessional, shower with your friends and lover(s) in the communal shower or simply make yourself at home in this glorious 3,000-square-foot luxury suite. The suite includes a full kitchen, dining room, and three bedrooms.


3. Barbie Suite

Barbie Suite

Barbie Suite, photo courtesy of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

This room is just made for all of the girly girl Barbie fans out there. Those of you who love pink and have fantasies of living in a Barbie Dream House would appreciate this suite. The Barbie room has a two-way fireplace, steam shower, and full bar. The Barbie Suite comes with limo service and VIP passes at the Moon and the ghost bar. The suite includes a living room, master bedroom, and 2.5 bathrooms. It’s 2,350 square feet.


4. The Erotic Suite 

Erotic Suite at the Palms Resort

Erotic Suite, photo courtesy of the Palms Resort in Las Vegas

The Erotic Suite at the Palms is one of the sexiest suites around. Book this red hot suite far in advance of Valentine’s Day for a sexy getaway or book it anytime when you want to light someone’s fire. Some of the delights in this fantasy room are a round rotating bed, a mirrored ceiling and a stripper pole and mood lighting in the shower. The Erotic Suite is 1,450 square feet and has a living room, master bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms.

5. Hardwood Suite

Hardwood Suite

Hardwood suite, photo courtesy of the Palms Casino Resort

The two-level Hardwood Suite is the place to stay for all of those hardcore ballers and basketball fans out there. At 10,000 square feet, a few of the impressive features in this suite include an indoor basketball court (of course) with a scoreboard, locker rooms, a lounge with a dance floor,  and three Murphy beds. The suite can accommodate up to 18 overnight guests and has a capacity for up to 350 guests. It has a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and 3.5 bathrooms.


6. Kingpin Suite

Kingpin Suite

The Kingpin Suite, photo courtesy of the Palms Casino Resort

This is the place for high rollers. You can practice your bowling game during your stay in the 4,500 square-foot Kingpin Suite. The suite has two bowling lanes, a theater-sized, a pool table, and 12 TVs throughout the suite. There’s a full bar in the suite, too. The suite has a master bedroom, guest room , three bathrooms and a huge lounge.  It can accommodate up to six overnight guests.