Two couples from the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ were treated to luxurious overnight stays at the Grande Luxxe, which features a combination of hotel and rentals.

One couple, Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen had a romantic dinner at the Vidante Resort on Part I of the two-night event. Chef Josefina Santacruz prepared a special meal at the hotel’s bistro Azuu. “It’s heaven. We’ve walked into heaven,” Samantha said as they headed to their table.


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Photo courtesy of Vidante Resorts/Grand Luxxe

“I got to try some of the most incredible food tonight,” Nick said. “The waiters are coming in and just dropping course after course and more and more wine and dessert. I thought the night was just going to go on forever, and I got to just keep talking to Sam.”

Nick was totally smitten with Sam and said that although he won $250,000 on Bachelor Pad, winning time with Samantha was more valuable than that.

Jade and Tanner had one of the most romantic evenings in the Fantasy Suite, actually the Grande Luxxe Resident Suite at the Vidante resort. According to Vidante, the suite was 6,000 square feet large with Jacuzzi tub, a private dipping pool, two terraces, and a gourmet kitchen.


patio 2 grand luxxe

Terrace at the Grande Luxxe Photo courtesy of Vidante/Grand Luxxe


The Grand Luxxe Residence Suites feature views of the Ameca River, Banderas Bay, and the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Photo courtesy of Vidante Resort/Grand Luxxe

Photo courtesy of Vidante Resort/Grand Luxxe


Other couples that had Fantasy Suite evenings include, Samantha & Nick and Joshua Albers & Tenley Molzahn. Tenley actually broke up with Joshua before the rose ceremony, because they lived in different states (mostly because Joshua lives in Idaho) and they have different lifestyles.

Samantha and Nick had been talking to each other before the show. So, they were about to pick up from where they left off. Samantha and Nick had a Fantasy Night evening at Casa Velas Resort. They made it to the final rose ceremony and left together.

Cassandra Ferguson and Justin Reich did not share a night in the Fantasy Suite. They had just began dating before the final episode, and Cassandra didn’t think it was appropriate for them to spend the night together. Good for her! They did make it to the final rose ceremony, though and accepted each other’s rose.

Some time after the show, Cassandra and former Bachelor in Paradise cast member Jonathan Holloway were seeing each other.

Samantha and Nick were together as of September 23,2015.

Jade and Tanner are still together and going strong. They plan to get married in Mexico.

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