It was Angel Love against Malaysia, Brandi, and Duffey at the start of Basketball Wives LA, which aired on Sunday, August 14, 2016. Angel Brinks was mostly silent during the heated discussion and Jackie Christie, quiet during the discussion in Big Bear, put Angel Love in the hot seat back in L.A.

Angel Love questioned why Malaysia showed up ready to fight at Angel Brink’s event, although Malaysia made it clear that she was there to defend Brandi. Malaysia thought that Brandi needed her and that was that. Don’t make her feel bad for defending her friend, “


Malaysia reminded Angel that she could leave if she wanted to. The highways were open. Angel Love was offended because Angel Brinks didn’t interject during the confrontation. Angel admired the way the other women defended each other, and she wished that her friend had done the same.


Tami and Shaunie got together at Voda Spa, where Shaunie explained that she felt that Brandi’s apology was sincere. The women had a laugh when Shaunie did an impersonation of Angel Brinks and Duffey.

Angel Brinks and Jackie took a walk and Angel told her how offended she was that Angel Love felt that she didn’t have her back.

Tami brought her daughter Jazz to a California studio, so Duffey could hear her rap. Duffey was so impressed that she passed her name on to an influential friend of hers. Although Duffey and Tami got off to a rocky, start, Duffey hoped that they could be friends. She really liked Jazz’s rap, and she volunteered to help Jazz with her video. 

Angel Brinks and Angel love talked things over in the park and made up with each other. Jackie wanted to make it clear to Angel Love that she was indeed a good friend who had her back during the confrontation in Big Bear. So, she invited her out to eat. Jackie said that she was sitting in the middle of the women, and as long as there were no blows being thrown, she was going to let Angel Love handle the confrontation on her own.

Angel Love tried to explain to Jackie that she was really upset with her friend, Angel Brinks, and when she accused them of not having her “back” she was actually referring to Brinks, and not Jackie, so much.

Unknown to Angel Love, Jackie invited Duffey. Duffey wanted to explain that she was not trying to jump down her throat, just defend her friend, Malaysia.

Things went left, when Duffey told Angel that she needed to stop dancing on rappers in music videos, and focus on her boyfriend and her career. Angel Love, got her back, by telling Duffey that she needed to stop spreading herself thin by dating so many basketball players back in Dallas.

They had a shouting match, and Duffey ended up walking away, leaving Angel and Jackie at the restaurant.

Basketball Wives LA Destination Focus: La Voda Spa

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