Moniece Slaughter and Fizz are living together, and Moniece wants to have another baby (through in vitro fertilization) with Fizz. That was the shocker of the first episode of Season 5 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, which aired on Monday, August 15, 2016 on VH1.

Ray J. and Princess were all dolled up for a wedding photo shoot. Sonja Norwood, Ray J’s mother told him that he needed to get a pre-nup. This put Ray J. in in tough position, because he didn’t want to anger Princess, nor did he want to go against his mother’s wishes.


Moniece Slaughter

Photo of Moniece Slaughter, courtesy of VH1

Brandi, Teairra Mari, Nia and Nikki Mudarris attended Nikki’s party for her clothing line, Slay Per Usual. Nia invited Brandi to her Mommies and Mimosa event, which was fine, except she was hosting the event with Moniece. Brandi and Moniece Slaughter were not getting along because of the words that had been exchanged back and forth about their kids. Brandi accused Moniece in the reunion, of being a bad mom.

Willie practiced for his part in the movie, Chocolate City II, and commented on his concern about his wife, Shanda, working with a producer who had some romantic interest in her.

Ray J.  broke the news to Princess about his mother’s desire for them to have a prenuptial agreement in place before they get married. He told Princess about this latest development while they were at a shop to get her car customized. Princess was ready to give her car a makeover, but she was not willing to go for the pre-nup agreement.


Fizz and Nikki dined at Philippe Chow’s.  Fizz complained about not seeing Nikki often enough, and Nikki said that she had no idea that he wanted to have a more serious relationship, and they’d both been seeing different people. Fizz didn’t tell Nikki that he was living with Moniece, because of the gas leak in his neighborhood.


Teairra decided to bring Moniece and Nikki together at CaBrea. Those two had an argument, because Nikki told Rich D. that Moniece still had feelings for Fizz. Moniece and Rich were dating at the time. Teairra was annoyed that her two friends were fighting, so she wanted to clear things up between them. After all, Rich D. was playing Moniece and Nikki brought that to light.

At the gathering, Moniece told Nikki that Fizz was living with her, which was news to her. Nikki thought that Fizz was into her and wanted to make their relationship more serious. She didn’t let on to Moniece that she was upset. She kept her composure, and made it clear that she was not into dating someone who was living with another woman. Then Moniece dropped the bomb and told Teairra and Nikki that she wanted to have another child with Fizz. Teairra voiced that Moniece’s plan to get a vial of Fizz’s sperm and have a baby with him.


Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter, photo courtesy of VH1

The ladies met at Bugatta Restaurant and Bar in Los Angeles for Moniece and Nia’s Mommies and Mimosas brunch.

“What I really want is a well-deserved sincere apology, and I’m not leaving until I get one,” Brandi said.

Brandi didn’t get her apology and after a brief argument, so they parted ways, and Nia was able to continue on with the brunch.


Nikki met up with Fizz and let him know that she was definitely not into being with someone who was living with another woman. Fizz felt that he didn’t have to tell her anything, since they were not officially dating exclusively. Fizz didn’t like that he only saw Nikki about once a week.


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