The competitors in Season 22, Episode 4 of The Amazing Race, that aired on March 10, the competitors headed to Bali, Indonesia where they watched (and urged on) monkeys in Monkey Forest who were tasked with cracking open coconuts to reveal the next clue to the remaining teams.  Monkey Forest, also known as the Ubud Monkey Forest or the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, Ubud has at least 340 monkeys and sometimes up to 15,000 people a month visit the forest.

This episode exposed viewers to some of the cultural experiences to be had on the Amazing Race in Bali. They participated in a competition in which they had to create a tall offering and were blessed at the Desa Puseh temple. The colorful costumes and intricate dances at the Temple had at least one team calling the experience the best cultural experience that they’ve had.

Another portion of the aired episode of The Amazing Race in Bali was filmed at the Uluwatu Surf Beach, a popular beach for  advanced surfers. The teams were tasked with finding a specific surf board and taking that board to Phil. Viewers were treated to views of the shops and beautiful, but dangerous-looking cliffs near the beach. Lucky for The Amazing Race teams, stairs provided access to the beach and shops.

Father and son, Dave and Connor won this leg of the race. They found Phil first at the Uluwatu Surf Beach with the proper surf board in hand.  History was made in Bali, and it had nothing to do with Dave and Connor winning two legs with a team member on crutches. The dating couple, Jessica and John were the last to show up, and they made history as the first team to have an unused express pass and still come in last place.

Bali Temple by Remon Rijper

Display photo of Bali by Kenny Teo