Bad Girls Club cast members headed to beautiful Honolulu Hawaii in Season 13 Episode 7. With the blue waters, perfect skies, delectable food and drinks for days, the girls inadvertently demonstrated how to have a good time in Hawaii, Bad Girls Club style. Subtract all of the drama, and you can too can live it up in Hawaii. Here’s where they went and and they did.

Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club, Photo by: NBCUniversal


1. X-Treme Parasailng


The Bad Girls Club girls went parasailing just like this couple in Hawaii. Photo by Luke Gordon, CC License

Julie explained that parasailing is when you are on a parachute you are hooked up to the back of a boat and the parachute flies up. “I hate heights. I’m definitely a little nervous, but I’m going to do it,” Jada said. The girls got into pairs: Julie and Rocky, Danni and Camilla; Jada and Sarah, parasailed together under the guidance of staff from X-Treme Parasailing.


2. Shaking it in a Saki Lounge

The girls argued about who said what on the plane to Hawaii, had more saki and twerked in the girls Rakuen Sushi Saki Lounge.   

3. Party Next Door

Julie tried to have a good time, but this Bad Girl Club cast member had her buttons pushed. Photo by Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/Oxygen

Julie tried to have a good time, but this Bad Girl Club cast member had her buttons pushed. Photo by Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/Oxygen

The Bad Girls Club took their beefs to the Honolulu club, Next Door. Julie vowed to keep to herself but Danni couldn’t help but make comments about her former good friend. Since the music was pumping so hard, subtitled had to be used so viewers would know that he’d called Julie wack and commented about Julie having cellulite.  

  4. Swim With the Sharks

Shark by Allan Lee

Shark by Allan Lee CC

If you believe that you live with some sharks, you might as well go swimming with them! The group swam with sharks in an North Shore Shark Adventures excursion. They were in cages while the sharks swam all around them. Rocky was right when she said “Being a Bad Girl is like swimming with sharks.”    

5. The Chief’s Luau 

The Bad Girls deviated from twerking and honed up on their hula skills at the Chief’s Luau. They made braided headbands and enjoyed the entertainment from the #1 Rated Luau in Hawaii.


6. A Tropical Turn Up at Tropics Tap House

Camilla complained to Danni and Sarah that she was on vacation with people (Jada and Julie) that she didn’t care for while chowing down on some grub at Tropics Tap House. They toasted to Hawaii and continued to eat and drink at the hip bar. On the menu at Tropics are burgers, fries, pizzas and such.

Downtown Honolulu by Daniel Ramirez, CC

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