Donna Lombardi and Naeem  Sharif met up at the Seasoned Vegan on the Black Ink Crew episode which aired at 9 p.m. Eastern on June 20, 2016 on  VH1. Donna didn’t know who to believe. She didn’t know if she should believe, Ashley the mother of her boyfriend’s children or her incarcerated boyfriend, Maxwell.

Naeem asked her if she wanted to go out after they left the restaurant, but Donna said no, because he is a relationship, and she didn’t want to go out of the friend zone with him.

In the next scene of the show, Dutchess came to the conclusion that she had to be patient will dealing with Ceaser’s baby’s mothers. She wanted to focus on her relationship, and not worry so much about those other women. She even had a romantic dinner for Ceaser. But Ceaser had a surprise for her, too. He told her that he found a better shop location for Black Ink. He planned to relocate to 125th Street in Harlem, so one day he would be able to buy her the $2.5 million dream house that she wanted. The first location that he had in mind fell through.

Sky was feeling sad, because her son’s birthday was coming up. She had two sons when she was a teenager and gave them up for adoption.

The boys are about 16 years old now, and the last time Sky saw them was on Halloween when they were younger. She learned that they were comfortable with the family they were with. They’d traveled with the family and had even gone to Dubai. Sky was in tears, because she didn’t want her sons to think that she didn’t love them.

Then the focus was on the new Black Ink shop. Ceaser took Ted to see the location he had in mind for the new shop. Ceaser’s realtor was there waiting for them, and he had planned to sign the papers that night for the new shop. Ted didn’t like the location, but he decided to support Ceaser, his friend and boss.

How’s Ted not drooling out the side of his mouth right now?


Black Ink

Ceaser closed the shop down on a Saturday to have an art event for O’Sh*t to display his artwork. O’Sh*t  came in late and asked for something to drink as soon as he got there, which left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Later at Black Ink, Rah Ali stopped by to get her tattoo touched up. Trouble was that Sky and Rah Ali had a problem with each other. Sky’s friend had an eyelash line, and Rah Ali was promoting it as though it was hers. After Rah Ali arrived at Black Ink and told Ceaser about the tattoo that she wanted touched up, she said that she wanted to speak with Sky, because she felt disrespected by her.

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Everybody ain’t no coke head. You can’t be talking crazy to &$% and expect that they will not pull up on you.

Rah Ali

Business Woman

It was Sky’s day off, but Ceaser agreed to ask her to come to the shop so the two of them could talk. Ceaser hoped to straighten things out with O’Sh_ _ _ and with Sky. A drunk employee nor an employee with issues with his clients were not a good look for him.

So, Sky confronted Rah Ali. Sky had her hair under a cap and was wearing fighting gear. As soon as Rah Ali saw her, she asked her why was she dressed like that. Rah got out about one question before Sky attacked her.

Art2Ink had its first annual sip and paint.

When Alexis came around, Sassy wanted to assure her that she’d been keeping an eye on Naeem. Alexis wanted to know why was Sassy suspicious of their relationship. Sassy told her, that she knew that Donna and Naeem had a fling in the distant past, but nothing recently. This was news to Alexis, because apparently, Naeem made her believe that he’d never had any intimacy with Donna.

Alexis went to have words with Donna.

Girl, you need to use your inside hands, not your outside hands.


Black Ink

Donna hit Alexis because she thought that Alexis was going to attack her. There was chaos, briefly, but of course the fight was broken up, and everyone calmed down.

Sky decided to fly out to see her sons and tell them why she had them adopted. She wasn’t sure if they were going to accept her or not, and she was so afraid of disrupting their lives or of them rejecting her. On the way to the airport, she decided not to go.

O’Sh*t had a customer waiting for him at Black Ink and didn’t show up for the appointment. His customer waited for him for four hours, and no one knew where he was. When he finally came in, Ceaser asked him where he was, and he said that he was having sex with his lady and was getting crazy with it. Ceaser had a screaming, crying fit in the shop, and even threw his own furniture around. O’Sh*t  tried to apologize, but Ceaser had enough of O’Sh*t.

I don’t think that I’m worth Ceaser’s effort. Maybe he should focus on someone else. I know my worth. It’s nothing.


Black Ink Crew

Black Ink Crew Travel Destination Focus: The Seasoned Vegan

Although the menu might have foods that sound familiar, like the hamburger and fries and the smoky crawfish, these entrees are created without meat. Even the ice cream is vegan at the Seasoned Vegan, which is where Donna and Naeem got together to chat on Black Ink Crew. So, if you are looking for something vegan in New York, this might be your next hangout.

Vegan Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich


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Stuffed Avocado

Vegan Smoky Crawfish (Burdock Root)


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Vegan Hamburger and Fries


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