Scrapp De Leon was taken into custody in this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, on 8 p.m. on June 20, 2016 on VH1.  He was sentenced to 20 years, with five years spent in prison, and he would be given probation for the remaining 15 years.

Stevie J. admitted that Scrapp’s situation demonstrated the importance of spending time with his family, and he was happy to be able to spend even more time with his own young daughter. It was convenient to see her since he was staying at his baby’s mother’s home. Mimi vowed to find out if Stevie really had another baby that he’d been hiding, as Joseline Hernandez had told her. Joseline was in tears during the last episode, because she said that Stevie had not one, but two babies from hook-ups he’d had with other women.

Mimi Faust did some research and found out that the woman claimed she had Stevie J’s baby was called Promise B. Mae, and she lives in North Carolina, so Mimi proposed that Stevie and her take a road trip there.

Meanwhile, Momma D. wanted to set up Betty Idol with Scrappy. She thought that Betty Idol would be a good woman for her son, but then Momma D. found out that Scrappy and Betty were not working together anymore, and she wanted to know why. The two were going to work on some music together, and it was no secret that Scrappy was attracted to Betty. But, it was the altercation  she had with Tammy Rivera and the conversation that Scrappy (and threat) the Scrappy had with his ex-girlfriend Bambi that got Betty in hot water with Scrappy.

And then Scrappy also posted a ranting video his social network saying that if a social media profile didn’t have baby pictures, the person was probably man with a penis with a wig on. This rubbed Betty the wrong way, because one of her best friends D. Smith is transgender. Momma D. was taken aback, because she said that she didn’t raise Scrappy to judge people like that.

People have to be responsible for what they say.

Momma Dee

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Stevie and Mimi took that road trip to North Carolina. She needed to find out the truth. Mimi never put Stevie on child support, because she always took care of things. Stevie admitted that him and Joseline were not even speaking.

You know you cook good. The baby’s here. I’ve got everything I need.

Stevie J.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

The woman who claimed that she had Stevie’s baby admitted that she lied and  there was no child. Promise B. Mae also said that Joseline never even talked to her. Promise B. Mae said that she lied to get attention. She wanted the attention to get her big break. Then she had the nerve to mention that Kim Kardashian and Mimi Faust had sex tapes that help them get attention. Before they left, Stevie told that woman to never contact him again.

Joseline and Dawn met up together, and Joseline laughed about how she spread lies about Stevie. It was all a ploy to get Mimi to take Stevie to court for child support. Joseline knew that Mimi never took Stevie through the court system to get child support , and she figured that if she told Mimi that Stevie had other babies and their mothers were asking for child support, Mimi would ask for child support, too.

Scrappy and Bobby V. performed their song Sucka for Love at the Liquid Lounge. D. Smith joined Betty Idol at the performance. D. Smith went because of the strength of her friendship with Betty, but she was angry at Scrappy for what he’d said about transgender people.

Betty and Scrappy were supposed to be talking about her career. Scrappy was willing to work with her again, so he was happy to see Betty at his show, but D. Smith wanted to know why Scrappy posted that video.

Finally, Zeal Kitchen was where Rasheeda and Mimi sat down to chat. Rasheeda wanted to know why Mimi allowed Stevie to move in with her. Mimi explained that there were no Stevie J. babies and that Joseline was just telling lies.

I need my homegirl to protect her heart and just stay away from them two.

Rasheeda Frost

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Travel Destination Focus: Zeal Kitchen

Zeal Kitchen is where Mimi and Rasheeda met for a talk about what had been going on with Stevie J., Joseline and her.  Zeal Kitchen is a modern restaurant and bar, located in Marietta, Georgia, which is in the metro Atlanta area. On the menu are the  Snake River Falls Wagyu  Burger,  Strawberry Salad, Georgia Fried Chicken, and Jumbo Sea Scallops. Meatless and gluten free options are available. There’s also live music on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and half priced bottles of wine on Wednesdays.

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