Think twice before trying to bring a hoverboard on Delta Air Lines. Although they might be neat gifts, hoverboards are banned on Delta because of safety concerns. The lithium-powered boards are not allowed on carry-on or checked luggage.

The concern has to do with the lithium batteries inside the board. The boards are not well-labeled, and the hover boards that were tested were found to be over the government’s regulations for battery power on an aircraft. It’s possible that the batteries could burst and cause a fire onboard.

There have been recent safety concerns about hoverboards catching on fire on land.  At least 10 of the devices have caught on fire in nine states, according to recent reports. There have also been numerous injuries from people who have tried to ride the battery-powered boards.

American Airlines and United Airlines recently banned hoverboards on flights. The popular Christmas toy has also been banned by British Airways, Jet Blue, and other airlines, reports CNBC. Travelers should check with their airlines before traveling with a hoverboard.


Photo of hoverboard by, Creative Commons License