About 1,000 women who sought to become flight attendants or models in China were required to model swimsuits as part of the selection process. The Association of Flight Attendants condemned that part of the flight attendant/model tryouts.

“If discrimination exists anywhere, it is a threat to women everywhere. This is not a fight just for the women of China, wrote Association of Flight Attendants President, Sara Nelson. “In this era of increased globalization and trade agreements that pit American workers against these abhorrent labor practices, our union understands this very real threat to Flight Attendants in the U.S. and around the world.”

The statement from the Association of Flight Attendants went on to state that the union will join other unions and advocacy groups to end discrimination and exploitation of women.

The try-outs for the flight attendants or models took place in the Shandong Province in China earlier this week, according to News.com.au.