This drama-filled 4th episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was shot in some of the most inspiring areas around the city. Where can you chat it up and vent about your love life with your girls, fellows,  or your mother? Where can you have a romantic Venetian-style gondola cruise in California? Are you looking for fresh organic raw foods and other healthy organic options from a real supermarket near Hollywood? Read on and determine cool news places from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, #LHHH, #LHH Hollywood.


Having a Heart-to-Heart at Xai Longe L.A. on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Nikki and her mother met at the lounge, so Nikki could talk about Masika and her relationship with Mally Mall. Xai Verandah Lounge,  Mediterranean restaurant in Los Angeles was a great place to chat, because it was quiet enough for the women to really talk. The ambience draws people to the Xai. Xai sounds like the word chai. The restaurant has a full tea menu and has tea time  from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Everything is beautifully designed, from the ceilings that  covered in cloth, to the comfortable patio outside. The restaurant and Hookah Lounge is casual, yet upscale, and customers must be 18 or over to enter. In this episode, Nikki and her mother had a heart-to-heart conversation. Nikki told the cameras that she trusts her mother’s opinion and she wanted to get some motherly advice about the situation between Mally and Masika. Maskia had been claiming Mally Mall as her man. Although they were taking a break from each other, Nikki had been thinking that Mally Mall was still hers. He told her that they were still together, but he said the same thing to Masika.


Gondola Getaway, Long Beach

From Venice, Italy a similar ride was shown on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

A gondola in Venice, photo by Emutold


In another scene that aired on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 4, Lil Fizz and Amanda took a ride in a romantic gondola from Gondola Getaway in Long Beach while Fizz tried to convince Amanda to move in with him, and Amanda told him that she felt overwhelmed.

Gondola Getaway uses authentic gondolas that take guests through the waterways of Naples near Belmont. The cruises are available from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. This holiday season Gondola Getaway is offering Holiday Lights cruises.  The cruise costs $125 for 1 to 4 passengers. Passengers can also choose from the romantic cruises which are $85 for the first couple to register and $20 for each additional person who will ride; the gondola can seat six people.  For larger groups, Gondola Getaway has a gondola called the Carolina, which seats 7 to 14 people.  Passengers can have brunch, right on the cruise. The rate for the Carolina is $25 per person for up to 14 people, but there is a 10-person minimum.


Erewhon Natural Foods & Organic Grocer

Leslie and Omarion sat down to have a shot of wheatgrass juice and a discussion at Erewhon, a green market in Los Angeles, about the situation between Leslie and Apryl. Omarion said sometimes his mother comes across as rude, obnoxious and aggressive, and he really loves Apryl. Leslie, Omarion’s mother,  said that she only wanted to know what happened in regards to the arrangement that was set up to help her when she became ill. Omarion had promise to pay her medical bills.

Leslie said she it wasn’t as though she felt that Apryl was taking anything away from her. Omarion simply wanted the two women in his life to co-exist peacefully; he invited his mother to Apryl’s baby shower.

It appears that Omarion had wheat grass before, but his mother wasn’t accustomed to the taste. Erewhon has wheat grass, and other organic juices, in various departments, including a department for raw, vegan foods. The store also has raw prepared gourmet selections in it’s café, so there’s plenty of delicious foods to try along with that shot of wheatgrass juice at Erewhon Natural Foods.

By the way, the pedicures that Morgan, Masika, and Teairra Mari enjoyed were at Morgan’s place as mentioned in this episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.