The preview of episode 2 of the Amazing Race, #AmazingRace, showed an intense race between two teams to make it in to the Pit Stop. So, how did all the drama start and what happened in Season 25 Episode 2? The teams took flights from the U.S. Virgin Islands to England. There were six teams on the first flight and four teams on the second flight. Remember, the race began with 11 teams , but the Miami Realtors were eliminated. Viewers saw a warm fuzzy moment in an airport scene on the show.  Bethany lost her shoe in the previous episode, and Food Scientist Amy generously gave her one of her extra shoes. The shoe fit perfectly.

The Amazing Race Cast

Photo Courtesy of CBS

On the first flight were:

  • Misti and Jim, the winners of the first part…
  • Te Jay and Tim #CollegeSweethearts
  • Kym and Alli #TheCyclists
  • Brooke and Robbie #TheWrestlers
  • Adam and Bethany #SoulSurfers
  • Amy and Maya #FoodScientists

The teams on the first flight had a lead of an hour and 20 minutes. There were four teams on the second flight. After the teams landed at the airport, they had to meet the Pearly Queen and King at the Tower Bridge. All of the teams found the King and Queen rather easily, Te Jay and Tim were the first there. They were then given their next destination, a  Detour, they had two choices:

  1. About Face: A changing of the guard ceremony with intricate steps
  2. Pancake Race: Preparing pancakes and then flipping them while running a lap within a minute and 15 seconds

The teams that chose the Changing of the Guard were:

  • Te Jay and Tim #CollegeSweethearts
  • Misti and Jim #TheDentists
  • Kym and Alli #TheCyclists
  • Amy and Maya #FoodScientists
  • Nici and Shelley #MotherDaughter
  • Brooke and Robbie #TheWrestlers

The teams that chose the Pancake Flip Race were:

  • Bethany and Adam #SoulSurfers
  • Michael and Scott #Firefighters
  • Keith and Whitney #TeamNashville
  • Dennis and Isabelle #TheDatingCouple

About Face Drama on Amazing Race 25

Shelley and Nici, #MotherDaughter, probably should have done the best on this detour, because they both served in the military (and they said that they shouldn’t have any trouble) but they had to complete the routine twice. Brooke and Robbie, #TheWrestlers, had a rough time with About Face. Robbie moved too stiffly, they didn’t raise their arms high enough while marching. They didn’t remember what to do sometimes. It took them six tries to get their clue, so they were dead last.

Flipping Out While Flipping Pancakes (and racing)

Michael and Scott had a lot of trouble in the pancake toss. It took them four tries to make it. Well, first of all, they didn’t cook their pancakes properly, so the pancakes were tossed away, and they had to start again. Then Scott dropped a pancake during the race. Next, they were called out by the judge for not flipping the pancake (Scott) while running. Finally Scott dropped his pancake again. They made it on the next try.

Taking a Punt Around the Lake

Bethany and Adam, #SoulSurfers, took a train to Oxford for the next challenge, a punting challenge. This challenge didn’t have anything to do with golf. The teams had to ride a boat, called a punt, a lap around a lake. One team member had to stand on the Cambridge end of the punt, while the other team member was positioned on the Oxford end of the punt. They used a long stick to steer the punt. Although Bethany and Adam completed the challenge easily, Misti and Jim, #TheDentists, were on the wrong ends of their punt, so they had to start again.

Bethany and Adam headed off to Christ Church College once they finished the punting challenge. They were given a bowler hat and an umbrella. Inside the umbrella were directions to secure an Express Pass. Bethany had said before that she had to re-learn how to do simple things that she was able to do before her injury, but she also said that the experience made her stronger. The Express Pass would come in handy if there was a task that she could not do. So, the team decided to go for the Express Pass, and after using a bystander’s phone to make sure that they were in first place, they made it to the Bear, got the Express Pass and checked inside their bowler hat for the destination for the Pit Stop. They hopped in a taxi and went to the Pit Stop location for this episode of the Amazing Race, Winston Churchill’s birthplace.


When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

The firefighters, Michael and Scott, proved their resilience again. They were the last to the lake in Oxford, but they passed other teams who were fighting the current in the punt. Meanwhile, Nici begged to put her butt in the lake and relieve herself, because she had to go to the bathroom. She went in the lake and a group of nearby Englishmen in another punt laughed their heads off. Shelley and Nici, #MotherDaughter, also made a serious flaw when they made a right turn in their punt when they should have made a left. This error put the #MotherDaughter team behind.

There was another issue in the punt. This time in Isabelle and Dennis, who could not get out of the current. Dennis tried his best to steer the punt, but he couldn’t handle the current. Therefore, there was the inevitable race to the finish between Isabelle and Dennis’ team and Nici and Shelley’s team.


The Super Fans

Nici and Shelley had been studying the Amazing Race for 14 years! They were determined to get on the show and win. Nici cried bitterly in the taxi on the way to the Pit Stop. She wanted to win so badly and thought that they had no hope.  Ironically, Dennis and Isabelle were also self-proclaimed super fans. They had been studying the Race, too.

In the end,  the two teams raced to the finish, but the #MotherDaughter team, Nici and Shelley made it there first.

Here is the order in which the groups finished on The Amazing Race Season 25, Episode 2

  1. Bethany and Adam
  2. Misti and Jim
  3. Kym and Alli
  4. Keith and Whitney
  5. Tim and TeJay
  6. Michael and Scott
  7. Brooke and Robbie
  8. Amy and Maya
  9. Shelley and Nici
  10. Dennis and Isabelle

Dennis and Isabelle were eliminated in this part of the race.