The Avery Claire, a 52-foot yacht will be featured in a November episode of Hot Hawaiian Weddings, a show that airs on Sunday nights on KFVE TV. In the episode, a Hawaiian couple, Tina Truncellito and Justen Laupola took the Avery Claire for a romantic excursion off the coast of the island.

Avery Claire

A couple had a romantic Getaway on the Avery Claire.


This luxury yacht charters for $800 per hour for a basic charter. The luxury Hawaiian charter, which includes a ride in a three-person mini-submarine is priced at $1,000 per hour. The luxury charter also includes diving gear, so guests can dive from the submarine.


The Avery Claire can be booked for romantic yacht rides in Hawaii.

The Avery Claire can be booked for romantic yacht rides in Hawaii.


You can have your own hot Hawaiian wedding or honeymoon on a yacht with the help of a Lux Charter Counselors. The counselors can help make sure that your romantic yacht charter is arranged just the way you want it.

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