Some of the Rail Europe deals include $100 off Eurail Passes and some selected sightseeing packages. Other discounts include:


Grand Train Tour in Switzerland

$300 off on two adult First Class tickets on the Grand Train Tour to Switzerland. The Grand Train Tour to Switzerland includes 8 nights and seven days of travel through some of the most scenic landscapes in Switzerland. The train rides consists of travel on the Glacier Express, GoldenPass Line, Bernina Express and Wilhelm Tell Express. Act quickly for this one, because the offer is limited to the first 15 booked trips or before 5 p.m. Eastern December 4th, whichever comes first. Use coupon code SWISSTOURCYBER.

Rail Europe

Rail Europe Announces Largest Offering of Cyber Week Travel Deals With Five European Products on Sale ( / Christof Sonderegger) (PRNewsFoto/Rail Europe, Inc.)


GldnPass Zweissmen-Montreux

30% Off E-Pass Offer

First Class Swiss Train passes are 30% off for three-day, four-day, eight-day, or 15-day e-passes (the First Class Swiss Travel Pass). The e-pass coupon code SWISSCYBER30, includes unlimited travel throughout the Swiss Travel System. So, travelers can use the pass on trains, boats and buses. The pass could also be used to enter more than 470 museums for free. See the sights on the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, and the William Tell Express. Children who are under 16 can travel for free.


Airport Transportation with the E-Pass

Do you need transportation from the airport? The E-pass, includes travel from all airports in Switzerland to destinations in the country, and transfer from the destinations to the airports. Another great offer is the Swiss Family Card, which allows kids younger than 16 to travel for free with a parent or legal guardian.


Eurail Pass Ofer

Order online, use the coupon code EURAILCYBER100 and get $100 off on Eurail Passes: Eurail Select Pass Off Peak Promotion, Eurail One-Country Pass Free Day Promotion, Eurail Global Pass Off-Peak Promotion, and the Eurail Regional Pass Free Day Promotion. The promotion is ends after 350 booked trips, or the ending date on December 4, 2015, whichever is first. According to the Eurail terms and conditions, you must use the Eurail Global Pass Off Peak Promotion and the Eurail Four Country Select Pass Off Peak Promotion pass before 11:50 p.m. on March 31, 2016. You cannot combine offers.


30% Off EuroStar Offer

Get 30% of on EuroStar Standard Premier Tickets. The EuroStar offer is NOT limited to a certain number of booked trips, but you have to reserve your passes before 5 p.m. on December 4, 2015. You’ll find the tickets online on the Rail Europe sites, listed under the word, COMFORT.


Photo by Christof Sonderegger