There was trouble from the start of Model Deckhands, the Below Deck Mediterranean episode that aired at 9 p.m. on May 17, 2016 on BRAVO. During their night off, Bobby Giancoloa and Danny Zureikat thought that it was acceptable to bring a couple of girls back to the boat, and the captain was not pleased. In fact, he was rather irritated. Ben Robinson said that he would do his best to protect him. Captain Mark Howard punished them by giving them some extra duties on the ship.

Next, to the thrill of the male crew members, the boat was chartered for a sunset photo shoot and a beach photo shoot. Bryan Kattenburg made it clear that the men need to be professional, which was exceptionally difficult, because models from the Tilted Kilt were doing a bikini photo shoot during their chart, and they were wearing bikinis and short shorts (of course) during the majority of cruise.

Deckhand novice Danny Zureikat fell head over heels for a model named Morgan. He spoke with her every chance he got and that meant that he was lounging around the ship with a guest. Danny even kept Hannah awake because the women were up talking with him, and Hannah Ferrier couldn’t turn in until the guests went to bed. Hannah was annoyed, but she politely explained the situation to Danny, who wrapped up his socializing with the guests for that night. Bobby put up with him, until they ended up with a laundry list of work to do, and Danny was still acting as though he was a guest.

Bobby rallied Danny to work, and he said that he would stay and work overnight if he had to. The next day, however, Danny was too tired to get to work on time, which didn’t look good at all. Bryan got wind of the situation, but Danny didn’t let up. During the photo shoot on the beach, all of the men were impacted by the models in their bikinis and other fittings for the shoot. The models, themselves, were young, bubbly, and simply happy to be on the ship, an easy cruise for the crew. As Hannah put it, they didn’t know what to expect on a charter yacht, so they wouldn’t even notice any small mistakes.

Comeback Kid

Tiffany Copeland was doing better. at work She is finally getting  along with Hannah. Hannah was satisfied that Tiffany was improving, but she still felt that Tiffany still had a lot of improving to do. Jen Riservato was feeling homesick. She didn’t like Europe at all. She didn’t like the assignments that she was getting, the food, and Europe in general.


Pictured: (l-r) Bobby Giancola, Danny Zureikat, Jen Riservato, Bryan Kattenburg, Mark Howard, Tiffany Copeland, Ben Robinson, Hannah Ferrier, Julia D’Albert-Pusey — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)