On the Real Housewives of Dallas Reality TV show, Brandi Redmond was still reeling from Bryan Redmond’s behavior at her family barbecue. Not only was he late, but he was drunk when he finally arrived.

Stephanie Hollman was busy trying to get her son’s room decorated in the opening scene of the episode that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on May 19, 2016 on BRAVO. Her husband thought that he was a designer, because his mother mother was an interior designer, but he actually had terrible taste. Stephanie felt that he didn’t trust her, and didn’t give her much leeway to make decisions, so he was in on every decision.

Brandi called Bryan to talk to him, but he didn’t answer. She felt that he wasn’t paying enough attention to her or her family. Brandi went to visit Marie, because she teaches dance to Marie’s daughter. Speaking of Marie, LeeAnne heard that Marie had been sending damaging text messages about her. LeeAnne Locken did some promotional modeling with Marie years ago in the past. One of the text messages said that LeeAnne has to be the most important person in the room.

Because LeeAnne didn’t want her reputation to continue to be crushed by Marie, she decided to confront Marie with Tiffany by her side. Marie Reyes and LeeAnne had known each other for at least 20 years. They’d been buddies in the charity world, so LeeAnne and Marie went to confront Marie. The funny thing is that Marie totally denied talking about LeeAnne behind her back at first. But then LeeAnne puled out her printed copies of the text messages and it was obvious that Marie looked liked she was caught redhanded. LeeAnne said her piece about how Marie didn’t say anything that she wrote in the text messages to her face. But Marie said something that absolutely could not be denied. How could she support LeeAnne when LeeAnne was acting the fool.

LeeAnne said that she had to walk out of Marie’s party, not because she felt threatened, but because she felt like she was going to “lose it”. Most of all, LeeAnne couldn’t stand the idea of Brandi having inside information about her. Since Brandi had been teaching Marie’s daughter, Marie had been sharing juicy tidbits of information with Brandi. That was part of the reason that Brandi liked spending time at Marie’s home.

“I think that Marie has forgotten what loyalty is,”

Back at Cary Deuber’s house, a photo shoot was going on in full force, and who was behind the camera. Photography is another one of his hobbies, in addition to being a fashion guru. He was taking photos of Cary for their website. The plastic surgeon wanted to show off his handiwork. Cary was willing to pose, but a tad reluctant as a 39-year-old. She would have felt much more comfortable had Mark agreed to Photoshop the pictures

Brandi was busy at her house. It was almost like she was a million miles away from LeeAnne’s anger, because she was trying to get her young daughter Brooklyn to eat her spaghetti sauce.

Lonely, and wanting to express her disappointment to Bryan, she called him to arrange a date night. She was able to get him on the phone, and so they got dressed up and went out to dinner at Texas de Brazil, but when Brandi asked Bryan if she had done anything wrong, he said yes. She began crying and he walked right out, left her sitting at the table crying.