A baby girl has been added to the Joseline Hernandez bio. In her Special Delivery show, Joseline met with Mimi and Shante event planners and marketing experts at Eyelash Vizion Marketing & Brand Agency. They met up at Sufi’s to plan Joseline’s baby shower. Her idea for the baby shower consisted of people swinging from the ceiling and plenty of strippers.

She wanted it all for Bonnie Bella.

Joseline and her brother Kermit, met at up Baby Bella boutique, a baby store in Atlanta. She was shopping with her brother, Kermie, who is 20 years old with a girlfriend who is 6 months pregnant. Joseline explained to him that she wanted him to be a responsible father for his baby on the way.

Joseline had been supporting her family in the past, financially, since she was about 16 years old. Whenever they needed something, Joseline would try to help them. She had also been helping her brother financially. She’d help pay for his classes and other things that he needed.

Next the show introduced Tomecas, her doula and Joseline was concerned about being a good mother.
Then the cameras followed her to the gym where 8 month pregnant Joseline, worked out. A fitness buff, Joseline said that she was going to work out until she wasn’t able to work out any more. She talked about having being intimate with with Niki Baby from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. The two of them sometimes hook up. During an intimate moment, Joseline invited Niki to be the guest of honor for her Baby Shower.

Next, was the big reveal of Joseline’s baby shower plans. Shante arranged the dancers, the ballet dancers. Joseline didn’t like the ballet dancers, but she got used to the idea. Mimi arranged the strippers. The cake artist was Cherie Robinson from Iced Out Cakes. Joseline wanted a cake with a giving birth to a baby. Cherie, a cake artist, who raps told Joseline that her wish was her command. So, Joseline had this unique cake at her baby shower, along with other bedazzled jeweled cakes.

Joseline’s baby shower was no ordinary shower. Young Dro and Mariah Lynn were among the performers at the shower. Aside from the performers, strippers (and even the ballet dancers) entertained the crowd, but there were no traditional baby shower games at this party.