In Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion began with the men, and Bob Whitfield apologized again but, Sheree said that she’d heard some of those things before.  She said that he was sorry, after the backlash from viewers. Sheree said that Bob was definitely not where she needs him to be. There was some concern over how the children will be impacted.

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What was Peter Thomas drinking? Cynthia was about the break down when she began to talk about their issues. It was the stress of when things didn’t work out. Peter said that shit was hard and she was not good at dealing at that. He mentioned how  Porsha said that he was hooking up with young girls (over 18) and it wasn’t true.

Porsha Williams said that she and Todd were on “pause”. Peter Thomas walked off when Porsha talked about her sex life with Todd. He whispered to Todd and to Cynthia Bailey that he was leaving and the next thing we know, he was out. Yes. He also said that Phaedra and Porsha were full of sh*t and he wished that Cynthia had been a stronger person.

Andy then introduced  Shamea  Morton who was introduced as Porsha’s best friend and Kandi’s friend.  Kenya got onto Porsha about how the defended Phaedra, but not Shamea. They ended up, telling each other to shut the fuck up. Porsha apologized for whatever she did and however she felt.

The conversation in question was when Phaedra (who doesn’t get along with Shamea) said that Shamea was sleeping with everybody’s husband and Porsha said nothing.  Then Porsha added on that Kandi Burruss is very close to Shamea and Todd.

Frick and Frack alliance was in full effect. Yes, and alliance like in Survivor. “I think it’s a convenient friendship. She is the funniest that she’s ever been in her life, hanging around Porsha, she brings a youthful side to Auntie,” Shamea said.

Porsha insisted that she had a genuine friendship with Phaedra, and she didn’t care what other people said about it.

“Be careful girl. Don’t leave your credit cards  and your license around. You know she’s into fraudulent activity,” Shamea said.

Phaedra said the things she did because she didn’t like the things that Shamea had been saying. Kandi was just a casualty. Shamea had said that Phaedra tried to holla at her husband, that Phaedra had been flirtatious to the man that Shamea had been married to in the past.
Shamea said that she did that, because she felt that Porsha was “going so hard” for Phaedra, so she was trying to say that Porsha should not trust Phaedra. She should be careful. All the time, Kandi had a “hell naw” look on her face.

Shamea and Phaedra went at it, but one of the funniest comments was when Shamea said, “That navel to the left, stop using Groupons for your plastic surgery.” She was referring to Phaedra, of course.

Next, Andy introduced the claims that some of the women, namely Kandi, Shamea and Porsha had sex with women.
Kandi told the world that Porsha was a hypocrite when she acted as though she never tried to push up on her (have sex with her), because she had tried that. Porsha kissed Kandi and propositioned her for more, but Porsha had tried to deny it, She later admitted that it probably did happen.

Andy asked Porsha why Porsha why she thought that Kandi and Todd would try to drug her and take advantage of her. Porsha answered by saying that since she works for Dish Nation, and she’s in the world of journalism, she didn’t want to be known as a liar. She said she was served a cease and desist by Kandi, and since she could no longer speak on the subject, she would have Phaedra speak, since she is the one who told her that Kandi said that (she wanted to drug Porsha).

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