The Plaza Hotel

Technology in Luxury Hotels

Technology in luxury hotels is plentiful. Individuals have become so used to having information at the click of a mouse, push of a button or the tap of a screen that luxury hotels are taking advantage and capitalizing on this technological market. Whether it’s a business meeting, a family vacation or a weekend hanging with the “boys” or “girls,” individuals still want to feel connected to the outside world. Individuals would like to be able to check important emails, log into social networks or surf the internet for information as they would normally do at coffee shops, their homes, offices, or on the street. Hotel guests are more likely to return if their rooms have heated floors, massage beds and all the other latest technological trends. To meet this demand, luxury hotels provide their guests with state of the art technologies such as iPads, iPods, iPad minis and tablets accompanied by high speed internet.

Here are five luxury hotels that have some of the latest in-room technology in luxury hotels for guests.

1. Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Forget about picking up the phone and calling the front desk, each room is furnished with an iPad2; guests can request information online, order room service or book appointments for their pampering experience. The shower is impressive, guests have an option to leave the glass transparent or use the click of a button to turn the glass to frost. There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower onto heated floors which lead back to the bedroom.

2. The Plaza Hotel, New York

This classical hotel may be relatively old. however, it’s holding its own among the movers and shakers in technology. The Plaza boasts iPads in every room. Guests are not only connected to hotel staff or departments, they can also use their iPads to dim the lights or print their boarding passes for the trip home.

3. The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo

Guests of The Peninsula can expect to receive a Skype enabled smart phone upon check-in to correspond with hotel staff, controls for mood lighting in each room and internet radio with a vast number of selections. This hotel has its own electrical department, in case any of the devices malfunction; the device could be repaired or replaced within a matter of minutes.

4. The Wit, Chicago

Service is fast and efficient. Guest requests made via the touch phone received at check-in, go directly to the device of the hotel personnel who is closest at the time of the request. The heat and air conditioning system has sensors which are activated by the individuals’ body temperatures. There’s no need to manually adjust temperatures; it will be done automatically to ensure the guests’ comfort.

5.  ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Opened to the public 3 years ago, this prestigious hotel offers a radio frequency identification card (RFID). It allows room doors to open automatically when guests are near. There are also sensors in each room that turn the lights on when guests enter. This hotel has a button for everything: opening/closing the drapes, turning the lights off and even enabling the “do not disturb” sign if guests would like to stay in bed all day.

Make your next vacation or business retreat destination one of those luxury hotels. You will have a relaxing experience, while being connected and enjoy the latest technology in luxury hotels.

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Hotels