Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) began where it left off. Karlie Redd sat on a park bench in California and fell off the bench when Lyfe presented her with a ring that turned out to be promise ring. He broke up with her and promised her that she would never have a relationship with a man like him again. He let her keep the ring.

Relentlessly pursuing her singing career, Ariane went in the studio with D. Smith and a vocal coach. Ariane was ready to collaborate on some music, and when the vocal coach asked her to sing some scales, she felt as though she was auditioning. She was offended and left, because she felt that D. Smith was being too condescending.

Tammy and Waka decided to separate. Tammy broke the news to her friend Bambi. She asked for Bambi’s help to move out of the house she shared with Waka. Bambi, Deb, and Rasheeda all attended Tammy’s fashion show for her swimwear line. The show was a success, but Tammy couldn’t hold her tears in when Rasheeda asked her where Waka was, and later, Deb began crying when Tammy told her mother-in-law about her separation and plans to move out of the house.

Ariane went to the studio in New York to get some advice from K. Michelle. K. Michelle wanted to know if Ariane was ready to be a singer. To help her, she invited her to shadow her.  Ariane spent time following K. Michelle around and getting a glimpse into the music profession. Ariane felt that she could really handle the work that was involved. K. Michelle had a performance and when Ariane didn’t show up with the others to get into the car, K. Michelle told the driver to go on, because she didn’t feel comfortable waiting.

Stevie J. hosted a pool party in California and Fizz and Nikki Baby were among the attendees. Of course, Karlie, Jessica Dime and Tiarra were there, too.

Karlie told the women that Lyfe was not married and about how Lyfe presented her with a promise ring and broke up with her in the same breath.


It was a time when I really thought me and Lyfe would be perfect for each other. The truth is Lyfe played me and used me and then he has the audacity to blame me for us not working out.



Karlie told Tiarra that she had something to tell her. She revealed that she had been involved with Scrapp. Tiarra wanted to fight Karlie. Then Jessica Dime and Joseline got into it. Dime had to be held back and escorted out of the party.

Mimi decided that she just might put Stevie on child support. Meanwhile Mimi chatted with Tiarra in the car on the way from the airport, and told her that she began dating another woman.

At Edge Salon, Amber launched her cosmetics line and Yung Jock and D-Nick were at the party. Of course, J-Nicks brought Tommy to the party, and she had an altercation with Amber.