Will Mike Shouhed and Jessica get back together? Mike tried to reconcile with Jessica on the Shahs of Sunset episode, which aired at 9 p.m. Eastern on July 10, 2016.

Mike admitted to cheating and sending text messages to hook-up with other women. Asa Soltan hoped that Mike could take all of his openness and honesty to Jessica Parido, and maybe they could get back together. Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi clubbed until 4 a.m.  in Belize, and Reza Farahan held firm that he didn’t think that she was as sick as she claimed to be.

The entire gang went horseback riding to see the Xunantunich ruins, an immense structure, towering high above the trees of Belize. They all climbed the stone rocks  all the way up, but GG’s knees were going numb as she tried to manage up the ruins.  Reza didn’t think that GG’s arthritis was giving her trouble.

Xunantunich ruins  by Thomas Shahan

I’m real over Golnesa’s lies. All over social media, talking about her heart, chemotherapy. In the next moment, she’s dancing, drinking, smoking, and popping off.


Shahs of Sunset

“Anyone who drinks as much as GG drinks would be laid out. GG’s lagging behind not because of RA, it’s because of her clubbing, her partying last night. She’s not in pain. She’s miserable because she’s hungover,” Reza said.

Asa asked GG to participate in her couples pictures project. Reza had to ask Asa why he was asking GG to be in the project, and GG told him that the conversation was between her and Asa. And they had a huge argument. Reza openly accused GG of exaggerating, and GG told Reza that he needed to mind his own business.

I really don’t understand Reza’s obsession right now with my health. If you’re not going to be there to support me in a positive way, don’t consume your whole life to come after me in a negative way.


Shahs of Sunset

MJ took him to the florist to buy five dozen roses. GG went to visit her parents at their home. She told them that she was going to get the chemo. Her mother didn’t want her to do it. Her mother her to choose a more holistic route, like changing her diet.


Jessica is my family, and you can’t just give up on family.

Mike Shouhed

Shahs of Sunset

Reza tried his comedy act again. No one was laughing until he cracked a joke about Eryka Badu. He said that he was going to take a break to take a selfie with a woman who looked like Eryka Badu. From there, it was smooth sailing, and the audience easily laughed at all he had to say.

Then, Asa went to support GG during her chemo treatment. GG’s parents and another friend was also there. GG was obviously out of it as she got an IV with medication to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Everything was warm and fuzzy, and Asa was sold that GG was most definitely ill.

GG’s doctor even explained that GG was indeed getting chemo, but her hair would not fall out from the treatment. When Asa asked what could be done to GG, the doctor said that Golnesa needed to stop smoking, and when GG’s mother suggested that her daughter quit lighting up, all hell broke lose.

Golnesa didn’t want to hear this advise from her mother or anyone. She told Asa that she wasn’t going to stop smoking because she just didn’t want to stop.



Image of Xunantunich, the ruins of Belize by Ian Mackenzie

The Shahs of Sunset Travel Destination Focus: Xunantunich Ruins

The Xunantunich Ruins, located outside of Belize City, is a Mayan ruin with a legend. It is called the Stone Woman because some visitors to the site have claimed that they have seen a mysterious woman who always seemed to disappear.

Ruins by Ian Mackenzie

Mayan Ruins by cjuneau

Mayan Ruins in Belize by Ravi Sarma

Image of Belize Ruins  by Ian Mackenzie