On this week’s episode, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta picked up where it left audience hanging. Did Lyfe Jennings give Karlie Redd a genuine ring? Karlie and Jessica Dime went to get the ring from Lyfe appraised. It was worth approximately $10.

Then, Mimi met with Stevie in the park to tell him she wanted him to pay child support

Stevie needs to start treating me with some respect, and for that to happen, it’s time for me to finally set some boundaries.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta LHHATL

I’ve been through quite a lot with MiMi and after today, I don’t know if our relationship will ever be the same.

Stevie J.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta LHHATL

At Dance 101, Tommie had dance therapy. Tommie was drunk when she met with K.K. she told her about the private pool party with Stevie and Joseline. The next day, Tommie said that Stevie came to her room and tried to flirt with her,  and offer to help her with her career. Tommie spoke with Joseline and told her that her man, Stevie had been by. Then, the police made a visit to Tommie’s hotel. Tommie thinks that Joseline called the police and told them that Tommie had a fugitive in her hotel.


Scrappy and Tammy got together at the Smoke Ring in Castlebury Hill. Scrappy wanted some advice as to what he should do about Bambi, and Tammy told him that he needed to marry her or let her go.

Tiarra came by the studio to meet with Joseline. Joseline wanted to tell Tiarra about how Tommie came to her house to have sex with Stevie.

I knew, as soon as I finish telling this story, she gone be on the phone calling this person. She gone be on the phone, calling that person. And then the next person she’s gonna be calling is Scrapp and let him know the real deal about his whore a** b**** and his uncle, Stevie.



KK made up with Tiarra. She didn’t want to miss another of her grandson’s birthdays. She had missed all of his birthdays thus far and she didn’t want to miss another one.


At Suede Lounge, Karlie found out that Lyfe had a woman pregnant when they were dating. Karlie thought that the woman was just an assistant, and she was hurt to learn that she had been lied to. Karlie kit the woman and called her thirsty.

Stevie J met up with KK at the museum bar. KK revealed that she finally made amends with Tiarra, and she told Stevie what Tommie had said about the hotel incident with Stevie. Stevie denied that he had tried to come on to Tommie and he was shocked that Tommie claimed that Joseline had the police come to her hotel.

LHHATL Travel Destination Focus:  The Smoke Ring

The Smoke Ring is a barbecue spot with large portions of savory BBQ.  Look for the puled pork, spare ribs, chicken, and baby back ribs. Accompany sides include favorites include fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, and smoked and fried gator tails. The Smoke Ring  was where Tammy and Scrappy met up to discuss Scrappy’s relationship with Bambi.