K. Michelle’s listening party drama was the focal point on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode, Common Ground,  that aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on May 22, 2016 on VH1.

Tiarra and Jessica Dime met up at the Pizza Bar in Camp Creek to catch up. Tiarra invited someone who she has a crush on, J. Nicks, the D.J. at the club where she bar tends.

J. Nicks wanted to get to wanted to get to know Tiarra better, and he wanted something else. He wanted Tiarra to bring her son to a daddy day event, but Tiarra wasn’t having that. She felt that it would be a hostile environment for her son, and she was still angry at Scrapp for cheating on her (and she had an intense dislike for Scrapp’s mother, too) but J. Nicks asked her to consider it, and she said she would.

In her home, K. Michelle was getting made up by a makeup artist called, Japan. And K. Michelle hired a sexy butler, who gave Joseline a massage. K. Michelle  went through her invitation list of people she wanted to be at her album release party. She had invited D. Smith, but there was some beef between D. Smith and Japan.

Daddy Day was going on strong. King, Scrapp’s son wasn’t there, but Scrapp came, anyway. It was difficult for him to see all of the fathers and their children. Yung Joc has about five of his children playing outside on Daddy Day. But Tiarra saved the day; she had a change of heart and brought King to spend time with his father.

D. Smith, Rasheeda, and Ariane met up on Pressed. D. Smith was looking for something to wear at K. Michelle’s listening party. Ariane said that she was going to attend the party.

In another part of Atlanta, Scrappy and Yung Joc were evicted, for making too much noise. Scrappy said that he was going on to his home. It was up for sale, but no one had bought it yet.  J. Nicks was having trouble with Amber, and was ready to move on to Tiarra.

Scrapp DeLeon

It breaks our hearts to see Scrapp like this…

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Scrapp went to talk to an attorney about his charge for marijuana trafficking. Trafficking controlled substances in Georgia has a possible sentence of five to 30 years. Scrapp was going to be sentenced in about two weeks. It was expected that he would be taken into custody at that time.



Scrappy from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Scrappy from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Scrappy was working out and Dime came by the gym; Scrappy was wondering what was going on, because he had been hearing about some beef between Dime and Bambi. Dime explained what happened. Scrappy said that he wanted to see Dime do five push-ups. She said she would do them if he promised to take her out. So, of course she knocked out five push-ups girly style.

Bambi and Scrappy Update

Scrappy might have been flirting with Jessica Dime, but in real time, he proposed to Bambi and they are planning to get married. Bambi told VH1 in an interview that she doesn’t think that they would have a long engagement. They want to get married soon.


Bambi Benson’s roller coaster relationship with Lil Scrappy has entertained #LHHATL viewers for three seasons but it was recently revealed that the two are now planning to head down the aisle. VH1 caught up with #Bambi to get whatever details we could about their upcoming nuptials, as well as the Bam’s beefs with Jessica Dime and D. Smith. What did you think when Jessica Dime approached you and told you she’d been FaceTiming with Scrappy? Bambi: I was obviously annoyed because I feel like that’s the only way she would ever ever be able to be in my presence. Because she’s not a person I would normally be around or kick it with, so she has to find some type of way to be able to even be in my presence. I was actually more mad at Scrap for bringing that type of trash around me. For the FULL INTERVIEW visit news.vh1.com

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Scrapp met up with his mother, Stevie J. and Tommie. Scrapp told them that he was looking at five years in jail, and Tommie cried. His mother said he should get a new lawyer, and Stevie J. was saying that it was too late to do anything. Scrapp asked his mother to meet with Tiarra again and talk to her about allowing his family to see their son during the time that he was going to be away. Karen ‘KK’ King can’t stand Tiarra, but she finally agreed to sit down with her.

In the next scene, Yung Joc, Kirk, and Scrappy were at the strip club. Amber, J. Nick’s girl was flirting with Yung Joc the whole time. She came over and gave him a dance.

At Suite Food Lounge K. Michelle had her listening party, but most of the people she asked didn’t come. Ariane was annoyed that K. Michelle had nothing but jabs for Rasheeda and some of Ariane’s other friends. Joseline came.

K. Michelle announced that she has her own label deal and can sign artists to Atlantic Records. K. Michelle had met D. Smith before, and felt it was okay for her to find out why Japan and D. Smith were beefing.

K. Michelle mentioned that Betty Idol should audition for Broadway, and D. Smith said in her interview that K. Michelle should audition for the cosmetic surgery reality TV show, Botched. K. Michelle wanted to know what Betty Idol and done, and D. Smith came to her defense. Then, Bambi came in, and there was an immediate argument between her and Betty Idol, because Bambi knew that Betty Idol and Scrappy were talking at some point; Betty and D. Smith also had verbal fights with Tammy, who is Bambi’s good friend.

Karen KK King Tiarra and Scrapp got together. They got into an argument. Tiarra said that Scrapp’s son would be 8 years old by the time Scrapp got out of jail, and that would be a long sentence for K.K., too.


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Travel Destination Focus: Suite Food Lounge

K. Michelle had her album release party at Suite Food Lounge, a entertainment space with three bars, a main bar, lounge, and a penthouse bar. There’s a restaurant, too. Try the chicken and waffles, honey wings, crab legs, or the red snapper.




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