The big question for the Shahs of Sunset episode, Surprise, You’re Married!, that aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on May 22, 2016 was would Adam Neely say “yes” and marry Reza Farahan in a surprise wedding ceremony? Fans who have been keep up with the Shahs of Sunset cast in real time already knew the answer.

In any case, the episode opened with Reza and Mike talking about Reza’s relationship. Mike Shouhed admitted that he was rude to Jessica and was not attentive enough, so when he got home from work one day, all of her things were gone. Reza heard that Mike had gone out. Shervin asked him out and he went. Reza told him that he was a bad husband. Reza told Mike that he had to do whatever it took to get his wife back.

Nima, Golnesa Gharachedaghi cousin, and Golnesa headed to the Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park. Golnesa was in a good head space and was ready to be silly, instead of drinking until she passed out. Golnesa was gymnast, but she didn’t want to do anything crazy, since she had surgery on her hand. Reza went to see his tailors for a suit.

Mercedes Javid still didn’t like the idea of the surprise wedding, but she went along for the ride.

Asa Soltan Rahmati and Reza put their plan into motion. They planned to have a housewarming in Palm Springs. They next night, they were to have dinner, which was actually the surprise wedding. The gang all made it to Palm Springs, but Mike wasn’t there. G.G. asked about Mike, and Reza told her that he was not in a good place.

Mike went to the Luna Restaurant and met Jessica there to talk. Mike wanted to show Jessica that he was making strides in the right direction to become a better man. Jessica complained that all Mike cared about was money. Jessica said that Mike cared too much about money, and Mike said that he always cared about money, he just didn’t have much when they were dating. Alan really thought that all of their friends were coming for a housewarming party.

The time in Palm Springs built up to the dinner and whether or not Adam would say “yes”. Lucky for Reza, after the shock wore off, he did say “yes”. Everyone was relieved and happy.