Master Chef continued to find home cooks who will compete in this upcoming season in the episode that aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on June 8, 2016.  First up was Takeila, 38, a nail technician from Chicago and Dan, a 26-year old fraternity guy from North Carolina.

Takeila cooked up jerk chicken tacos and waffles with a cayenne maple honey dipping sauce, and Dan made beer battered fish tacos with flounder with a lime sour cream.

Next, was the battle of the burgers. Zack, a construction worker from Belleville, MI went against Alejandro, a 26-year old voice over artist from Miami. He is originally from Venezuela. Alejandra made a burger with everything, and Zack created a black and blue burger. Gordon Ramsay wanted to meet their mothers, who came with them during the competition. Alejandra earned an apron, and his mother put it on him.

Battle of the shrimp and Grits

Neco, 37 year old manicurist from Detroit. Tanorria, 34, a credit union coordinator from Chattanooga, TN, Shawn 35, a restaurant manager from Las Vegas, and Brittany, 22 a server from New Hartford, New York.

Neco created a four cheese shrimp and grits blend with tarragon cream sauce and crab meat. She cooked her grits with water, and Gordon Ramsey said that just tasted okay. She should have used stock instead.

Italian shrimp and grits cake with beer beurre blanc was cooked by Brittany. Shawn created a Southwestern shrimp and grits with roasted corn. Gordon Ramsey said that his shrimp was overcooked.

Tanorria was told that she did Tennessee proud. Her grits were dripping with flavor. Tanorria earned a white apron and was told that her food will go down in history as the best shrimp and grits. Brittany also earned a white apron.

Other Master Chef winners were:

  • Katie
  • Diana
  • Cassie
  • Diamond
  • D’Andre


Shaun, 33, a Las Vegas DJ and competing against him was James, a truck driver from Las Vegas who said that truck driving isn’t his passion, but cooking is his passion. They competed in a surf and turf challenge. Shaun was trying to plate his surf and turf up until the last second of his competition. It didn’t look like he was going to make it. He created a filet mignon & lobster tail with bone marrow beurre blanc and foi gras. Shaun earned the apron.