Bryan Kattenburg tried to make a move on Tiffany Copeland in the hot tub on the Ionian Princess after the group hung out on their night off on Below Deck Mediterranean, which aired on June 7, 2017 on BRAVO.  He was so drunk that he told her flat out that he wanted to sex her and asked her to sit on his thumb. What? That didn’t fly with Tiffany at all, so she left him sitting in the hot tub, alone. Later on Below Deck Mediterranean his he told the guys on the yacht that she wanted him that night.

Hannah Ferrier and Ben Robinson

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This voyage had four guests, two couples. Alan, Sr. a laser manufacturing company owner, and his son.  His son, Alan, Jr. and his girlfriend were celebrating their seventh month anniversary as a couple of the charter. Ben asked Hannah Ferrier to go shopping with him, so they went to the market, or actually the tavern. The drank a lot of wine and talked a lot.

Below Deck Mediterranean Cast

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Meanwhile, Bobby Giancola was falling more and more for Julia, although he knew that she had a boyfriend. She felt that she was just having a little fun.

The guests started out to a picky start. Alan Sr. couldn’t eat tuna but didn’t tell anyone until after Ben prepared it for dinner. Ben whipped up something quickly for the guests, and they were satisfied.


Hannah Ferrier and Tiffany Copeland

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Hannah and Tiffany were getting along and working well together.

The crew got a mayday call from a 50-foot vessel, and they saved the Ionian Princess crew saved day. The smaller vessel was sinking. The crew had to come aboard the Ionian Princess.

Hannah made a cocktail for the choosy guests, an espresso martini, and it was sent back. Alan Sr. decided that he wanted to teach Hannah how to make the drink, but she knew what she was doing and he didn’t have to tell her anything. He simply wanted a little more espresso in his drink.

Finally, on Below Deck Mediterranean there was a terrible mix-up at dinner. Hannah thought that the guests were getting three courses, but Ben had only planned to serve two courses for the guests. Of course, this put her in a touch situation, since the guests were thinking that they were getting more food. And she had to face Ben.


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