Crete, Greece is one of the most popular islands in Greece. It is also the largest island among the Greek Islands. The island is divided into different regions, all of which have their own attributes. ll in all, Crete is known for its stunning beaches (including a beach with rose colored sand) and historic structures, and scrumptious food.


Agia is a village that you can call your home base while in Crete.  It has all of the bars, restaurants and shops that you need. Plus it’s easy to get transportation from Agia to the other regions on the island.

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Visit Heraklion to see attractions like the Palace of Knoosos,  the Cathedral of St. Minas, called the City Protector, and the Agios Titos Church, are some of the popular landmarks in Agios. Take a walk near Castello del Molo, a Venetian Fortress.

Although the actual fortress might be closed, the surrounding area is still an interesting place to walk. Walk along the pier and catch the breathtaking views nearby.

Heraklion is also the the home of Amoudra Beach, a sandy beach that’s developed with surrounding eateries and hotels. Heraklion also has a decent movie theater.



Chania is said to be one of  the most picturesque of the the areas in Crete. The harbor is a must-see destination if you decide to venture to this town. There are also several beautiful beaches, mountains, and valleys to explore. Attractions in Chania include the Old Venetian Harbour, the Botanical Park of Crete, the Museum of Typography and the clean and Iguana Beach. Iguana Beach has lounges, umbrellas and restrooms.


Elafonisi is actually a small island. It’s claim to fame in modern days is its eye-catching gorgeous pink sand beaches. There is white sand at Elafoinisi beach too, but the pink sand is simply amazing. The pink sand on the beach is formed from tiny pink shells that are crushed into the white sand. It’s popular to stay in Chania and drive to Elafonisi for the pink sand beach.