The R&B Divas LA appeared in Puerto Rico with episodes of the show airing on Wednesday, September 10, 2014. The R and B Divas stayed at the InterContinental San Juan in Puerto Rico as they prepared for their performance at the Carnaval de Ponce also called the Ponce Carnaval. The Carnaval in Puerto Rico has a parade in which people dress up in costumes and play traditional music. There is also a lot of dancing and fun at this family-friendly event. Here is a video of the Ponce Carnaval in 2014. The R&B Divas are shown (briefly) in this Ponce Carnaval Puerto Rico video at 14:15. So, the R and B Divas actually did perform in the 2014 Carnaval in Puerto Rico.

The R&B Divas performed in Puerto Rico

Photo courtesy of TVone

Video of the R&B Divas LA in Carnaval in Puerto Rico

You can also see a video from the show of the R&B Divas LA performing in Puerto Rico here:

The InterContinental San Juan is a luxury resort with 397 guest rooms and 20 suites. and 6 restaurants. The IHG group announced that renovations to the tune of $22.25 million were recently completed on this hotel in March 2014. The renovations included upgrades to the public areas, like the lobby and the hotel’s rooms and suites.

The rooms were updated with a beige color scheme and blue. According to IHG, the blue is supposed to be a symbol of the sea. The property also has enhanced its signage to reflect the digital age and to give the hotel a sleeker appearance.


The R&B Divas LA stayed at the InterContinental Hotel in Puerto Rico

Photo courtesy of IHG

The hotel has beach access, as well. Remember when the R and B Divas remarked on how humid the weather was? Claudette Ortiz eagerly said that she was ready for the beach? Well, here is a view of the beach from the resort’s property.


R and B Divas at the InterContinental Puerto Rico

Photo courtesy of IHG


InterContinental Hotel Puerto Rico

Photo courtesy of IHG



Photo courtesy of IHG InterContinental Hotel Restaurant

Here is one of the six restaurants in the InterContinental San Juan in Puerto Rico


InterContinental Puerto Rico

Room at the InterContinental Puerto Rico, Photo Courtesy of IHG

Although the R and B Divas were in Puerto Rico to perform during the annual Carnaval de Ponce, they still took some time out to play.

Michel’le, Leela James, and Claudette went ziplining in Puerto Rico. Leela,  Chrisette Michel’le, and Lil’ Mo went rum tasting during the trip. All of the ladies from the R&B Divas cast visited Claudette’s family home for dinner and laughs. Of course, there was some shade and tension during the trip. The R & B Divas felt that Chante was acting strange and standoffish. She was going through a custody battle and missed at least one of the days that the R and B Divas gathered together to prepare for the show. When Chante arrived in Puerto Rico she wanted to change some of the choreography that had been prepared for them. That wasn’t a good move at all.

In future episodes, viewers will get a chance to see more of how the Carnaval performance by the R and B Divas turned out, despite the singers’ nervousness and the challenges related to learning the dance moves and lyrics.

R&B Divas airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern on TVOne.