Sonja Morgan thought that Bethenny Frankel would be supportive and mentor her in her new business in the episode called Airing Your Dirty Laundry, that aired at 9 p.m. on May 18, 2016 on BRAVO.  She was so wrong.

The episode began with Luann de Lesseps moving in with Sonja. Sonja talked to Luann about Tipsy Girl, her latest business. She explained that she had been working with Peter (who also knows Ramona) to help with Tipsy Girl. Sonja felt that her business was no threat to Bethenny’s Skinny Girl business, and she  figured that might even go to Bethenny for help, but Luann felt that Sonja should have at least run everything by Bethenny before she started her business.

Bethenny and her friends met for a meal at NOMO SOHO Kitchen. Bethenny was aggravated, because she had been dragged into the press because of Sonja’s business idea.

“On a personal note, it’s shady,” Bethenny said about Sonja’s business. Bethenny promised to have one last discussion with Sonja, and then she was going to be done with her.

Dorinda and Ramona

Dorinda and Ramona dined  at Sarabeth’s.  Dorinda chose the restaurant, because it was a place where they had history together. They shared quite a bit together at Sarabeth’s, and Dorinda was hoping that meeting there would evoke pleasant memories.

Ramona didn’t know what was going on when it came to her friendship with Sonja, and Dorinda explained that maybe their friendship had run its course because, while Ramona was evolving, Sonja was the same. In her interview, she felt that perhaps Ramona had changed and that’s why her own friendship with Ramona was different. Dorinda asked Ramona AGAIN to respect her relationship with John, because she’d been seeing him for three years and loved him.

“I want to be friendly with John, because I love Dorinda,” Ramona said in her interview. She admitted that either her mouth gets in the way, or John gets in the way. “Why he just can’t be a better person?” she questioned.

Bethenny and Sonja

When and Sonja met at Bethenny’s offices, the Skinny Girl business owner, started right in on Sonja by saying that Peter was shady. “I’m completely insulted. I don’t want anything to do with you,” she said.

Bethenny called Sonja a fraud, and that she head six fake businesses.

Sonja actually broke down, cried and told Bethenny tearfully that she only wanted to sell her prosecco liquor at parties and local bars. She had just gotten through a bankruptcy, and she was just trying to get to where she was before. Bethenny dismissed her by saying that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore and she wished Sonja the best.


Meanwhile, Jules was freaking out, because her nanny Ana, quit. The nanny, didn’t even say goodbye to the kids, Jules said sadly.  She just took her bonus and left. An applicant for the nanny job came to her home.

Jules had a strange request. She wanted someone to wait in line for her, but the eager nanny said that was no problem. Jules was excited, because was able to do hair blowouts, and she was able to pick out what her daughter, Rio would wear to school. The only problem, the nanny couldn’t speak Spanish fluently.

Carole and Vinny

Adam was home, and Carole was busy delighting in her foster kitten, Vinny. Carole and Vinny were working on a proposal to write a cookbook. “I have been warned by many people do not mix business with pleasure,” she said.

Relaxing at the Sushi Roxx

To blow off some steam, Luann, Sonja, and Ramona went to Sushi Roxx to hang out. Sushi Roxx is a fun place to hang out with food and entertainment.

Next, the cameras gave viewers a glimpse of John’s busienss, Madame Paulette, where and Dorinda honored one of his designers. Some action was going to start a bit later.

Back at Sushi Roxx, Luann couldn’t believe that Bethenny was so nasty about Sonja’s brad.But then again, Ramona said she had been nasty to her. Bethenny was obviously too wound up, Luann concluded.

Ramona showed up at Dorinda and John’s function although she wasn’t invited. While there, Luann saw a guy that she had dated in the past. The guy, Rey, was staring at her, and Luann felt scared and left.

Rey was drunk and was talking loudly. John got involved and asked the guy leave, but Ramona didn’t want him to go, So this resulted in a confrontation between Ramona and John. Ramona was trying to explain that Rey was talking to her. Eventually, he left, to escape the arguing.

The argument between Ramona and John was going strong, but then  Dorinda and Ramona got into it. Dorinda asked Ramona to leave, and because  she was so angry and upset Dorinda left too. Dorinda was irritated a John for how he handled the situation. Though Dorinda felt that John’s actions were correct, the way he reacted killed his credibility.


Real Housewives of New York Travel Focus

The ladies went to the Sushi Roxx because it’s a fun place to eat gourmet and be entertained. The staff are all dancers, actors, or singers. They show off their talents every night.






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