This episode of the Braxton Family Values, which aired on June 23, 2016 on WE tv tended to focus on coincidences and dance performance jitters. Towanda prepared for a charity dance competition and around the same time she and Trina were going to New York to do the background vocals for Toni’s performance. Toni felt that it was time to get new background singers. She wanted a change.

Tamar was concerned that  her sisters will be disappointed to hear that they would no longer sing for Toni. Toni had plans to tell her sisters the news right after the concert.

Tamar and Traci came to Towanda’s dance rehearsal to support their sister, but they actually disrupted it, especially Tamar. Towanda had only three days to learn the routine.

You got to get pelvis to pelvis.

Tamar Braxton

Braxton Family Values

My sisters work on my nerves, Towanda said when her dance instructor was finally able to get Trina and Traci out of the studio. Toni performed at the King’s Theater in Brooklyn during this episode. It was to be the last performance for her sisters as background singers.

After the performance, Tamar, Towanda, Trina, Tracy, and Evelyn met for dinner at Jue Lan. They waited for Toni. Towanda was especially irritated, because she had to fly to Washington for one last practice before her performance. When Toni did show up, she said that she showered and changed her clothes. Everyone was tired of waiting. Toni knew that she had to have the conversation with her sisters about letting them go, but she didn’t like the energy in the room.
“You could cut the tension with a knife, and I didn’t know where it was coming from,” Toni said.

Later in the episode, Towanda and Trina waited in Toni’s suite, so they could talk to her about the background singing situation. They didn’t know that Toni wanted to tell them that she was going to replace them. Tamar knew everything about the situation, (that Toni wanted to replace them, and Trina and Towanda actually wanted to quit) but she decided not to say anything this time.

Toni ended up telling them that she wanted them to do their own thing. Trina and Towanda was thrilled that Toni actually wanted them to move on. They thought that she would be devastated or at least upset when she finally told them that she wanted new background singers.

Towanda performed at the Howard Theater in DC as a part of Hill Harper’s Manifest Your Destiny Dance Competition, which was a great thing because Towanda was pleased as punch to be in Hill Harper’s presence. She had a huge crush on him.  His charity helps at-risk young people explore their passions. The kids have mentors who guide them and help them realize their dreams.

The dance competition benefited a good dance, and Towanda, who loves a good competition, wanted to win. She became nervous when her partner, Terry Herron, was extremely late for the rehearsal before the competition. That made her nervous, because she only had three days to learn the routine to begin with.

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Braxton Family Values Travel Destination Focus: Jue Lan Club

Jue Lan Club is the restaurant where the Braxtons had dinner and met up with Toni after her performance. Jue Lan is a Chinese restaurant with mains that include salted fish and chicken with fried rice, crispy jumbo shrimp, Shanghai chicken, filet mignon, and salt and pepper lobster.

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A photo posted by Jue Lan Club (@juelanclub) on

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