At her apartment, Bethenny was planning a trip with her daughter in the last Real Housewives of New York episode that aired at 9 p.m. on May 5, 2016 on BRAVO. Her daughter is quite the little planner. She had photos of the outfits that she wanted to wear.

Dorinda Medley and Carole Radziwill met at at Tasca Chino. Carole had just got a new replacement cell phone. It turns out that she took a sexy picture of Adam and lost her phone two days later.

Dorinda said that she felt bad, because Jules put in a big effort in her brunch, and the event was tense. Dorinda said that it was unfair that Bethenny and Carole were exclusive with each other, and it was hard to break into that.

Jules Wainstein came by the restaurant, too. Carole apologized to Jules about the awkwardness at her brunch, and Jules felt happy that Carole apologized. She said that it wasn’t Carole’s fault. It was clearly Bethenny’s fault, and Jules was having a hard time liking Bethenny.

Carole says that she likes Jules. She seemed like a sweet girl, she said. Then came the shade. If you scratch the surface, there were nuts in there, Carole said.


Does Sonja Have a Problem

Sonja was talking business at her place when Ramona Singer came over. Ramona told Sonja that Bethenny said that she was a drunk and, Bethenny did not want Sonja to come to her party. Ramona agreed that Sonja drinks too much. She told Sonja Morgan so, right to her face in the woman’s living room.
“I’ve had to hold you up, because you were about to fall over,” Ramona said to give Sonja evidence of her drunkenness.
“I’ve had to hold you up,” Sonja replied.


Ramona tried to tell Sonja was worried about her, but Sonja felt that she was okay. She admitted that she’s been seen off the rails, but she said she could control it.

Then Sonja said that Luann was going to stay with her for a couple of nights, and Ramona remarked in her interview that Luann loves to drink, and she’ll stay up until 2 a.m., 3 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the morning, drinking.

Ramona invited Sonja to her birthday party, because she couldn’t imagine not having her there.

Carole’s boyfriend Adam was out documenting doctors in Indonesia.

Jules and Bethenny

Jules met Bethenny at Tipsy Parson. Jules had trouble getting her words out to tell Bethenny how she felt about the mistreatment at her brunch. Bethenny gave Jules and her husband unwanted advice about their house, trash-talked it and then left early with Carole.

Bethenny apologized to Jules for being abrasive to her in her own home. Jules was talking a mile a minute, because she was nervous; she revealed that she had an eating disorder in her late teens and early 20s, so she missed time in school. Jules was open because “secrets keep you sick,” she said.

Jules told Bethenny she wanted her friends to know about her eating disorder Bethenny was able to relate to her, because Bethenny’s mother had an eating disorder, so she respected Jules for telling her.

Bethenny and the women had a meal together, and
Bethenny shared how she felt about Luann. She didn’t trust Luann. She thought that they could be friends, but an incident that occurred over the summer, made her pause.
Bethenny’s friend Kyle came into town and asked Bethenny to have a dinner party for her friends. Luann was asking her to invite her, and telling her that she knew that the Beverly Hills girls were going.

Pampering at Pink Lemon Park Nail Studio

Jules and Dorinda relaxed together at the Pink Lemon Park Nail Studio. Jules said that she now likes Bethenny and she was sorry that she judged her so harshly from the experience at her brunch.

Ramona’s birthday party was held at Chat Noir. Ramona wanted to have a blast with 50 of her girlfriends, and that’s exactly what she did. It got back to Bethenny that Sonja was upset that she didn’t invite her to her barbecue because she drank too much, but Bethenny said she actually didn’t invite her because she hadn’t seen her in months.

Jules met Sonja and she liked her friendly personality right away. There was a real connection.

Although it was Ramona’s birthday, Bethenny got a Carlos Falchi bag as a late birthday present from Luann. And Ramona was a tad irked because all she got was some jewelry from Luann’s collection.

Luann wanted to apologize for the incident that had occurred over the summer. Luann said she didn’t know that she stepped on Bethenny’s toes so hard; she was alone in the summer and she wanted to reach out.

Sonja asked Dorinda if John was trying to tie her down, and that made Dorinda launch into a monologue about how people had been saying negative things about them, and they must be jealous of their relationship. So, Ramona was sitting at the table when all of this happened, and she immediately excused herself (to find her purse) and went to tell Bethenny what was going on.

Dorinda made a nice speech about their friendship and loyalty. She hoped her speech was special message to Ramona.