The beginning of the Mary Mary reality TV show, celebrated a happy event. Mary Mary won a lifetime achievement award, in the episode entitled Is This The End? Season 5, Episode 10 of Mary Mary aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on May 5, 2016 on WE tv.

The emotions associated with earning an award that celebrated their body of musical contributions prompted Tina Campbell to apologize to Erica Campbell for not agreeing to make a Mary Mary album soon. Warryn, Erica’s husband, was feeling a lot of pressure from Sony Records, because he’d taken a seven-figure advance with the understanding that his group, Mary Mary, would create another album in the very near future.


Tina apologized for being selfish and said that she would help Erica make the album as soon as possible. Previously Tina didn’t want to make the album, because she had been touring with her husband, Teddy, and she felt that their testimonies during the tour were God’s Will. When Tina and Teddy completed their tour, instead of working on the album, she decided to begin planning a second tour with Teddy.

Although she would still continue with the  second tour, Tina agreed to fit the album into her schedule. To solidify the agreement, Erica tried to get Tina to discuss their future on Kirk Franklin’s radio show, and Tina announced to the world that she would work on the album.

Meanwhile, their sister Goo Goo and mother, Honey, called a family meeting with Mary Mary (Tina and Erica). Goo Goo explained that she wanted to work on her own career, so she wouldn’t be able to be at Mary Mary’s beck and call. Goo Goo also talked about her plans to continue to work with Mitchell Solareck. This caused some concern, since Mary Mary had fired Mitchell and neither Tina nor Erica trusted him. Goo Goo and Mitchell didn’t get along when he was the group’s manager.

Tina wanted to have a sit-down meeting with Goo Goo, so they met at Caffe Concerto. Tina had something that she wanted to ask Goo Goo. She wanted Goo Goo to be her stylist for the NAACP Image Awards. Tina was nominated for an award. Goo Goo agreed to style her. Tina also talked about Warryn’s plan to replace her if she doesn’t make the album. They laughed over the thought of Warryn searching for another Tina Campbell.

Teddy and Tina celebrated the nomination at the Aventine Restaurant. Teddy expressed his concern about Tina juggling the tour, the album, and her family. Tina assured him that she could manage everything.

Goo Goo spoke with Mitchell on the phone. He told her that he was coming to L.A. and he wanted her to meet him in Warryn’s studio; Mitchell was going to be in the studio with Kory, since Warryn had called him and said he wanted some studio time with the singer. Warryn had considered replacing Tina with Koyn, just in case Tina didn’t make the album afterall. Since Tina had agreed to make the album, he wanted Koryn to be his new artist, possibly a solo act. Erica wanted to hear Warryn’s new artist and said that she was coming to the studio, too. So the perfect storm occurred. Erica, Warryn, Koryn, Mitchell and Goo Goo were all at the studio.

Once Goo Goo made it to the studio and saw and heard Koryn singing Mary Mary songs (with Erica). she was both confused and angry. Should she tell Tina that Warryn had a new singer who was singing with Erica? Maybe Tina really was going to be replaced, Goo Goo thought. Goo Goo really did not want to tell Tina about this, but at the same time, she wanted to warn her sister, and she did…

In the next episode, Tina and Erica have a discussion about Tina’s future in Mary Mary.


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This week, Somewhere Luxurious focuses on Caffe Concerto, where Tina and Goo Goo dined during the episode. Cafe Concerto is a casual, yet classy, family-owned Italian restaurant with freshly squeezed juices, homemade sauces, and fresh desserts. Here’s what Caffee Concerto has to offer.



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