Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) Luann De  Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino are still together (see the images below) and their relationship tested some of Luann’s friendships on the Real Housewives of New York City. Bethenny Frankel and Luann had been cordial to each other, but Bethenny’s real concern was her upcoming surgery.

Bethenny’s surgery was three days away, yet she was launching some Skinny Girl chocolates on the Benefits of Friendship episode of the RHONY, which aired at 9 p.m. on July 6, 2016 on Bravo. Bethenny prepared for the launch in the beginning of this episode. She gave Ramona Singer kudos for stopping by and being so supportive while she was under the weather. Ramona even brought a book so she could read in another room. She didn’t want Bethenny to be alone.

Tokyo Stylez a celebrity hair stylist flew in to style a vibrant red wig for Bethenny. Bethenny also had her make-up done for her event.

In the next scene, Ramona and Sonja Morgan had a dance instructor come out to show them some new dance moves.

Ramona brought up that no one is getting along with Luann, and she should not ignore her friends just because she’s in love.

At Dylan’s Candy Bar, Bethenny continued to prepare for her event. She spoke with Amy, her event coordinator about the set up.

Redheads have more fun.

Bethenny Frankel

Real Housewives of NYC

Bethenny was still very nervous about her surgery.  Not only did she have a nightmare about the surgery, but she had been having anxiety.  Carole  Radziwill, Ramona, and Dorinda gathered at Bethenny’s place for tea and to chat. Carole said that Luann didn’t give her a genuine apology. Carole and Bethenny agreed that Luann is too self-absorbed.

Bethenny, RHONY  (Real Housewives of New York, Photo by: Mathieu Young/Bravo)

I get a sense of bragging. I’m better than you. I’ve copied her royal hair. I’m mean, she’s acting really narcissistic and really just unlikeable.

Bethenny Frankel

Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda invited everyone to dinner at Joanne Trattoria, a  restaurant in New York, and during their breakfast together at Francois Payard FP Dorinda invited Luann to join them. The women went to eat at Joanne’s, and Luann confirmed that she was in love and had met her match, and Carole was happy for her, which was surprising to Luann.

Since a few months had passed since Sonja met with her, Bethenny’s tone had had softened. She didn’t appear to be as angry as Sonja. Her fire went from a giant roar to a small flicker. Bethenny still thought that the Tipsy Girl product was shady, but she respected that Sonja had been apologizing to her for stepping on her toes. At the dinner,

Luann approached Ramona about what she said about her behind her back. Ramona denied (personally) saying anything negative about Luann. She said that she’d repeated what she’d heard. Luann ended up bluntly telling Ramona not talk behind her back.

Since everyone seemed to be sharing information, Sonja brought up that she and Tom (the man that Luann was engaged to) were friends with benefits in the not-so-distant past. Luann continued to say that Tom and Sonja only had a one-night-stand,  and Luann said that no one could say anything to warn her against Tom. She was exasperated at people who tried to tell her anything negative about Tom or her relationship with him.

All of my friends are happy for me except you b****es, why?


Real Housewives of New York City

RHONYC Luann De Lesseps — ( Real Housewives of New York Photo by: Mathieu Young/Bravo)

Luann and Tom 

And here's @dorindamedley our #matchmaker with Tom and John! @luxurylivingmagazine @beautiquedining xo

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This image of Luann and Tom with Dorinda and John was taken two weeks before this article was written.

This picture  of Luann and Tom was also taken about two weeks before this article was written. So, it looks like Tom and Luann are still dating unless they broke up recently.

Tom and I heading for a quick trip to #Nashville ❤️

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Tom and Luann were headed to Nashville about three weeks ago.

Travel Destination for RHONY: Joanne Trattoria 

Joanne Trattoria is the New York City restaurant where the women from the Real Housewives of New York. Dorinda arranged the dinner so they could talk and, hopefully, overcome their differences. Joanne Trattoria is an Italian restaurant with traditional Italian food, pizza and pasta.