The Season 2 Match Match in Heaven winner is Christina Pellerin, the 28-year-old dancer from Houston who had never been in love before She was woman that Stevie Baggs chose in Match Made In Heaven.  Stevie showed her an engagement ring, but he didn’t propose. He said that he wanted to meet her family first. Christina was selected because she was so sweet.

“Christina has this sweetness and essence about her,” Stevie said as he kissed her. Lola, Stevie’s mother was in tears, because she was so happy to have Christina as a potential daughter-in-law.

Christina had said in a previous episode of the show that she spent so much time in her career that she didn’t really know how to be a girlfriend. In her thriving career as a dancer, The Season 2 Match Made in Heaven winner has performed for Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, and Rihanna. She confessed her love to Stevie in tonight’s episode, which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern on July 7, 2016 on WE tv.

Roxie Jackson, a singer/songwriter from Lancaster, California, and Kimmy, a 32-year-old general manager were both rejected. Roxie took the news that she was not selected especially hard. She told Stevie that she didn’t understand why he didn’t choose her. Kimmy gracefully told Stevie that she hoped that he finds love.

Images of Christina, Match Made in Heaven Winner

Match Made In Heaven Winner Christina P., says that she runs competitively. She’s a fitness model, and Stevie Baggs commented on her athletic appearance on the show.

Christina models in runway shows.